Free Bike Lessons and Bike Riding at the BGC courtesy of the National Bicycle Organization

17 September 2017

After a tiring day at the 2017 Manila International Book Fair yesterday, I didn't think we would have the energy to go bike riding today.  But the kids were driven to learn and wanted to go biking and so we found ourselves at the BGC-PruLife UK Family Zone.

The Bikes are Free.  Lessons are Free.  Just Enjoy!

Wow! 2 floors at the 2017 Manila International Book Fair #2017MIBF

16 September 2017

It's that time of the year again when everyone is on their toes and itching to get into the 2017 Manila International Book Fair.  Since we were here last year, we kind of knew what to expect.  But this year, there's more in store because there was an additional exhibition space on the 2nd Floor which meant more books and stuff to browse and buy from.

Still, it was surprising to see long lines outside of the SMX which made us feel uncertain at first because we thought that was the line to get in.  But, as we neared the entrance gates, it seemed that it was the line to buy tickets from.  We were fortunate that I had printed out tickets from the UST Facebook page and we were able to get in without any fuss.

Honestly, this time, we were really aiming for specific books and other school supplies but we still took our time visiting the other exhibition booths :)

Dylan's class is a beneficiary of a former preschool's educational materials and furnishings

09 September 2017

A great big Thank You to Mommy Myles, Daddy Jovy and Sir Ramil of Books for a Cause for granting us the privilege of receiving much-needed educational materials and furnishings from your former preschool.  We are in awe of your generosity and your kindness will go a long way because all this will help so many generations of Special Education/Autism students. Thank You !

Dylan helps with his class' room renovations

27 August 2017

What I've learned now that Dylan is in public school is that if you want something done for the class, you have to do it yourself.  Today, my co-parents and I banded together to put up bulletin boards and Teacher's whiteboard and constructed stacking shelves for Dylan's class.  Dylan was very excited to be part of a project like this and it taught him the value of working hard and appreciating the end result.

On Board the Mexican Training Tall Ship, Buque Escuela Cuauhtemoc

06 August 2017

Today, we went on board the Mexican Training Tall Ship, BE Cuauhtemoc, while it was docked at the South Harbor.  The ship was at our port as part of its 2017 Instruction Cruise where 4th Year cadets of the Heroic Naval Military school will circumnavigate the BE Cuauhtemoc across 15 ports and 12 countries.  They are also celebrating their Centenary of the Constitution and the 35th Anniversary of the Ship.