The simple joys of Dylan's birthday

18 March 2017

Dylan's birthday came bright and early.  We all had a hand in choosing the activities for Dylan's birthday and everyone was just itching to get on with the plans.  It was rather hard to narrow down the choices because, after all, we just wanted Dylan to have what he wants but due to time and financial constraints, naturally we had to compromise.  The following post tells of what we ended up with.

Celebrating Dana's birthday at Sambokojin!! :)

03 March 2017

Today, we celebrated Dana's birthday after finishing up with Dylan's doctor's check-up.  When asked what she wanted to do for her birthday, there was no hesitation when she responded, "Sambokojin!".  I guess, she enjoyed herself so much the last time we were there she wanted to experience it again.  So, we all went back, together with Den and Edwin!

It also helped that Sambokojin has a Birthday Treat Promo :)

The ANA Yose 2017: Rakugo in English event at the RCBC Plaza

19 February 2017

On February 19, Dana and I were fortunate to have won tickets to the ANA Yose 2017 - Rakugo in English show held at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium in RCBC Plaza.  Rakugo is a 400-year old Japanese sit-down comedy tradition where the performer, armed only with a fan and an oversized towel, enacts hilarious stories that fire up the imagination.  This year's performance headlines Rakugo Master Kaishi Katsura with Asakichi Katsura (Rakugo Master), Eika Utsumi (Shamisen Musical Performer) and Lucky Mai (Traditional Comic performer).

Get-togethers Galore: A Week of Meet-ups with Great Friends

20 February 2017

I can't even begin to describe how hectic this week has been.  For as long as I can remember, this has been the first and only time when my week has been packed with get-togethers with friends.  So, I'm putting together all of these events in one blog post hehe  It's really nice to catch up with friends, whether they're High School mates or former co-workers.  It's fun!

First Family Outing of 2017 : Star City at the CCP Complex

28 January 2017

Star City is a theme park located at the CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila.  It provides hours of enjoyable, thrilling rides, games, entertainment and dining experience for the whole family.  The last time we were here, the kids were still young and so weren't able to experience the more adventurous rides.  Now, we were given 50% discounted tickets and we braved the throng of people on the last weekend of January. Read about how we fared :)