NDPR Finale: Sports Festival!

21 July 2017

The theme today is Speed because today is the last day of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation celebration at Dylan's school! Their final activity is a Sports Festival and all Special Education classes are participating.  That is why Dylan is wearing a "The Flash" shirt while I"m wearing a Ferrari shirt LOL

Assembly time was at 0730 and yep, even though it's a bit early for Dylan, we were both up and full of energy at this time of the morning haha

There were a number of sports activities that each class can participate in.  Parents and teachers had prepared several loot bags for the kids who participate and special prizes for those who win in friendly competition with other classes.

Dylan participated in all 7 activities though it's too bad I failed to take pictures or videos of some of them because I was busy assisting and cheering him on haha

NDPR Week Continuation: Film Showing and Food Festival

19-20 July 2017

Continuing with the celebration of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabiliation Week, Dylan's class participated in a Film Showing (Day 3)  and a Food Festival (Day 4).

You may wonder why there's a Film showing during NDPR week.  It's actually to test how long these kids can sit, focus and watch a full-length movie.  To normal people, sitting still for the whole length of a movie is a breeze.  But for special kids like Dylan and his friends, it's actually pretty difficult.

On Day 4, the food festival was done to encourage kids to prepare their own meals and to teach them to appreciate good food.  The kids made waffles!

Dylan's class is Munting Aklatan #95 thanks to Books for a Cause

20 July 2017

Today, Dylan's class became Munting Aklatan #95.  We were fortunate to be the beneficiaries of books for Dylan's Autism class courtesy of Sir Ramil Sumangil from the Books for a Cause advocacy.

Books for a Cause receives any and all books (and even toys) and in turn donates these to people who need them.  Thank you for our books!! :)

How we applied for Dylan's Person with Disability (PWD) ID

17 July 2017

The Person with Disability (PWD) ID basically serves as the PWD's passport to benefits and privileges.  These benefits include discounts in theaters, hotels, fast food establishments, groceries, medicines, diagnostic procedures, dental services and domestic ticket fares; educational assistance; access to express lanes and even tax exemptions for people who care for and are living with PWD's.

Dylan has been diagnosed a long time ago but we never really pursued getting one.  It was mostly because I thought that, as with most governmental procedures, it would just be tedious and time-consuming.

But, now, knowing all these benefits that he should be entitled to, and hearing from other parents how easy it was for them to get their kids' their PWD IDs, well I thought I should give it a shot.  Here's our story.

Opening of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week at Dylan's school

17 July 2017

Today is the opening of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation week at Dylan's school.  All Special Education classes came together to participate in the opening ceremonies.  Dylan isn't averse to attending large gatherings and is actually pretty stable when it comes to social events so I wasn't worried.  He was actually pretty excited to participate when he found out that they were supposed to dance in front of everyone.

It was truly an enriching experience for both Dylan and me because we got to see and interact with other Special Kids and Teens and we marvel at their capacity and determination for learning!  Kudos to the kids! Thank you to to their teachers and parents for their patience and support.  The future looks bright for all of us!