After a tornado, it's a fire...

20 August 2016

The last thing that you want to hear in the middle of the night is someone shouting "Fire! Fire!" at the top of their lungs.  And that's exactly what happened last August 20 in Sampaloc, Manila.  We've had similar experiences with fires in Sampaloc.  That time when a tanker blew up in the street fronting our compound and when there was a fire across the street from us.  This time, our house was flanked on two sides by a huge fire  - on our left and in front.  Let me tell you how it went....

First time ever to experience a tornado in Manila

14 August 2016

So we in Manila have had monsoon rains for the past 5 days (and counting).  It was just a regular Sunday, everyone was doing their own thing at home when the power went out.  Okay, that's fine, it'll come back in a second.  While waiting, it didn't come back on, and then I heard this whistling sound and I braced myself for some strong winds.  Never in my life did I expect a tornado to literally pass over our house.  I only found out that it was what it was when I went up to our roofdeck and saw the destruction.

Visiting the PAF Aerospace Museum Aircraft Park

06 August 2016

When the birthday celebration of Grayson Lucas ended at around 2PM, we took the chance to visit the PAF Aerospace Museum Aircraft Park, right on the grounds of the PAF Aerospace Museum.  It was a great chance to be up close and personal with different historic aircraft used by the Philippine Air Force.  This was the first time for me and the kids.  Patrick visited the place when he chaperoned my niece Den during her field trip in school.

The 1st birthday of Grayson Lucas at the PAF Aerospace Museum

06 August 2016

Yesterday, we went to the PAF Aerospace Museum to celebrate Grayson Lucas' 1st birthday.  We were all excited because the kids and I haven't been to the PAF Aerospace Museum before.  So, this was a birthday party, a reunion and an educational field trip rolled into one!
Thanks Jops and Gabs for inviting us!! :)  Happy birthday Grayson Lucas! :)

Attended a free ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) Seminar that taught the basics of teaching ESL in Japan

27 July 2016

Last July 23 and 24, my High School friend Erlinda (who represents companies looking for prospective Filipino employees/workers) held a two-day seminar/orientation for people who want to work in Japan.  She presented opportunities on the first day and offered a tutorial for ALTs on the 2nd day. She actually regularly does this now since the demand is becoming great but this is the first time I've been fortunate to attend.  It gave us a chance to catch up too, during the break and afterwards :)