2016 Christmas Celebrations are made special because of FAMILY!

25 December 2016

For a while, the spirit of Christmas waned in our household because, really, the whole of 2016 has been more of "downs" than "ups".  But, it's not in our nature to let that get us down for a long time so we rallied and with the help of Family and Framily (Friends who are Family), Christmas was a blast!

It's not about the gifts - they're very much appreciated but it's really the thought that counts.  It's the presence, and sadly, the absence of the important people in our lives that make celebrating Christmas all the more worthwhile.

Fun Finds at the Christmas Toys and Collectibles 2016

17 December 2016

As Christmas approaches, I pay particular attention to the bazaars and toy fairs that are being held.  I've already inked the Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2016 on my calendar as soon as I saw their ads.   I didn't really have any particular toy in mind but it's always a joy to browse.   I just hated that it was in SM Megamall because parking is terrible there haha So, entrance was P100/head and off we went!

Fantastic Beasts and Krispy Kreme during the kids' day out :)

12 December 2016

There are days when your plan seemed to go awry but actually ending up being better than you hoped.  This was one of those days. Patrick and I were just supposed to do our errands and bring the kids back some Krispy Kreme (as they asked) but we were too early for their promo so I simply went back and brought the kids with me instead, so they had their Kids' Day Out!

Hefty, tasteful dinner at Sambokojin in Megamall

05 December 2016

Even with the proliferation of buffet restaurants in the Metro, we've never had the chance to visit one.  When my niece, Den, called to invite us to dine at Sambokojin, we were ecstatic! :)  We finally have an opportunity to eat both Japanese and Korean dishes until our stomachs burst! :) Here's how it went :)

Free Coffee at Luke's Diner (Toby's Estate Ortigas) from Netflix Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life

02 December 2016

Yesterday, while browsing Facebook, I saw a post on the Netflix page about "Luke's Diner coming to Manila" and I just about flipped out.  I watched the clip and Scott Patterson himself was saying, "Luke's Diner is taking over Toby's Estate (Ortigas).  Grab your free cup!"  I immediately showed the clip to the kids who became as excited as I.

Today, they went to Toby's Estate Ortigas with their Dad to see for themselves how exactly did this coffee shop get turned into Luke's Diner.  Oh and the free cup of coffee was also a major incentive!