Dylan's UN Day : Tasting dishes from different countries

19 October 2017

It's that time again for United Nations' Day!  This time, I'm glad this it's not about the costume but the culture of the nation that's being taught so Thanks Teacher Ressie!

The kids were asked to select a country and bring to school a sample of the dishes that represent it.  Dylan naturally gravitated to Japan and we brought several helpings of Tamago Onigiri :)

Another round of Free Bike Lessons at the BGC courtesy of the National Bicycle Organization

01 October 2017

It's another Sunday and we all went back to BGC in Taguig for another round of Free Bike Lessons courtesy of the National Bicycle Organization.  This time, we arrived earlier than our first trip and we found that more people have become aware of the Free Bike Rides and Lessons since there were now more people riding their bikes.  Let's see how the kids did this time :)

Dylan's Foundation Day participation in school

28 September 2017

This is another first for Dylan education-wise.  Today, he celebrated the school's 95th Year Anniversary together with his classmates, schoolmates, teachers and staff.  They prepared a dance routine and performed it as part of the school's Foundation Day Celebration.

As any parent with a child on the autism spectrum, events like these mark milestones to be remembered.  It's special because it shows your child's progress in dealing with crowds. It shows how your child copes with a specific routine (like dancing) and ability to follow directions.  It tests your child's patience while waiting for his turn.  Dylan exceeded all of these today and I'm so proud of him!

An afternoon at the BMW Xpo 2017

17 September 2017

After our biking adventure earlier in the day, we headed to the BMW Xpo 2017 which was just across the street.  Models on display include vehicles from the BMW 5 and 7 Series, including motorcycles from BMW Motorrad.  There was also a test drive area for customers.  Kids also had a special section.

Free Bike Lessons and Bike Riding at the BGC courtesy of the National Bicycle Organization

17 September 2017

After a tiring day at the 2017 Manila International Book Fair yesterday, I didn't think we would have the energy to go bike riding today.  But the kids were driven to learn and wanted to go biking and so we found ourselves at the BGC-PruLife UK Family Zone.

The Bikes are Free.  Lessons are Free.  Just Enjoy!