The Reasons Why the Big Bad Wolf Books Event at the World Trade Center is Bad for Me (and my wallet)!

17 February 2018

What a fitting picture! I found that book at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at the World Trade Center.  You'll find over 2 Million books with 60% to 80% discounts.  The event runs from February 16 to 25 and they're open 24 hours!  Admission is FREE!

We went there around 8PM and we left at 2AM and we didn't even get to see all the books!! Check out our experience and we hope that you get to visit too :)

Newly-painted chairs and tables for Dylan's classroom

01 December 2017

What a way to greet the first of December (the official start of the Christmas season) by donating our time to Dylan's classrooms continuing renovations.  Today, we focused on fixing the tables and chairs and then painting them.  We also installed a "gate/fence" at the door so that the door can be left open but the kids can't easily run outside.  It was tiring but very fulfilling!  Thanks to everyone who helped!

Our Sunday Habit: Biking at the NBO Biking Lessons ground in BGC

19 November 2017

We feel fortunate that every Sunday, the kids get a chance to learn how to bike at the NBO Bike Lessons ground in BGC.  Well, actually Dana's getting better but Dylan still has a long way to go. 

We savor these moments because kids grow up so fast.  At least we're all having fun as a family. :)

Attending Gandhi's Baptism

05 November 2017

Today marked the Christening of Baby Gandhi, the son of friends, Orvin and Josie :)  We're glad to be part of your celebration! :)

Dylan's UN Day : Tasting dishes from different countries

19 October 2017

It's that time again for United Nations' Day!  This time, I'm glad this it's not about the costume but the culture of the nation that's being taught so Thanks Teacher Ressie!

The kids were asked to select a country and bring to school a sample of the dishes that represent it.  Dylan naturally gravitated to Japan and we brought several helpings of Tamago Onigiri :)