When in UP Diliman: Rodic's and The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

19 October 2016

Patrick and I rarely go out on our own.  We usually bring the kids with us because it's really nice going out as a family.  Also, we don't have a babysitter so we just bring them with us :)  But today, we thought it best that they stayed where they were since we were attending a cremation for Patrick's uncle on his mother's side.  At the back of my mind, I was already thinking about where we'll head to for lunch and naturally, when we're in the UP area, my first thought was Rodic's Diner.

Attended the Unmei Expo 2016: Career and Study Fair for Japanese Language Enthusiasts

16  October 2016

For someone who's interested in learning the Japanese language attending the Unmei Expo 2016 at the SMX in SM Mall of Asia is a must. It is the venue where Japanese schools and potential Japanese employers converge to give students and interested parties a chance to find out what's in store for the future for someone who's well-versed in the Japanese language.  It was held today, October 16, and Dana and I checked it out :)

Manila Ocean Park 2016: Symphony Evening Show

13 October 2016

We are nearing the end of these posts about Manila Ocean Park.  Our last attraction for the day was the Symphony Evening Show.  It is a musical show featuring huge water fountains that shoot water straight up in the air, light displays on water and fire and fireworks.

The last show started at 7:15PM, although there was one before that at 630PM.  It lasts around 30 minutes.

Manila Ocean Park 2016: The World of Creepy Crawlies

13 October 2016

We now arrived at the World of Creepy Crawlies from the Jellies Exhibit.  So, from the 2nd Floor, we just took the escalator to go down, past the stores and another Food Court.  At first, I didn't want to go to this attraction because I just had the fright of my life at the All-Star Bird Show and I was still reeling from it.  I didn't want to subject myself to seeing more reptiles up close.  Dana, also didn't want to go in if I didn't want to.

But, this was part of the package we paid for and I felt that it would be a waste if we didn't go.  So, mustering my strength and courage, we all trooped in :)

Funny enough, we took around 30 minutes to go through all the creatures in this exhibit, despite our fear of some of the animals.

The World of Creepy Crawlies opens at 10AM (M-F) or 9AM (Sat, Sun and Holidays) and last entry is at 6:15PM.

Manila Ocean Park 2016: The Jellies Exhibit

13 October 2016

This is one of the most relaxing attractions in the park, the Jellies "Dancing Sea Fairies" Exhibit.  Again, we were the only ones in the exhibit and it was great! :)  This attraction contains several species of Jellyfish in large tanks viewed through changing lights and accompanied by soft classical music.

This attraction opens at 10AM (M-F) and 9AM (Sat, Sun and Holidays) and closes at 7PM. Last entry is at 6:15PM.

We spent around 15 minutes touring the place.  On hindsight, this is perfect for your last attraction because it kind of calms you down and lets you slow down from the other exhilarating and exciting attractions.  It's the perfect thing to wind down your day.