Free Coffee at Luke's Diner (Toby's Estate Ortigas) from Netflix Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life

02 December 2016

Yesterday, while browsing Facebook, I saw a post on the Netflix page about "Luke's Diner coming to Manila" and I just about flipped out.  I watched the clip and Scott Patterson himself was saying, "Luke's Diner is taking over Toby's Estate (Ortigas).  Grab your free cup!"  I immediately showed the clip to the kids who became as excited as I.

Today, they went to Toby's Estate Ortigas with their Dad to see for themselves how exactly did this coffee shop get turned into Luke's Diner.  Oh and the free cup of coffee was also a major incentive!

Cheetos Quesadilla, A Surprise Reunion and Winning a Desk Fan in Shopwise

30 November 2016

Ever since we all saw the Cheetos Quesadilla teaser ad from Taco Bell on Facebook, we all wanted to try it out.  Who wouldn't?  It's got Cheetos, Cheese, and our favorite Quesadilla!  So, when we planned to do our Christmas shopping in Cubao, particularly in Shopwise, we immediately put Cheetos Quesadillas on the agenda since there was a Taco Bell in Gateway Cubao! :)

It was a pretty serendipitous day as I also found out that an old friend was in the area and we were able to meet up after a long time of not seeing each other :) And in Cubao of all places! haha

We also won a 12" Desk Fan from Shopwise and we didn't even know why and how?!

DIY: The kids and I apply wall putty and rig hanging posters

05 November 2016

Parents need to be creative when they want their kids to learn. For me, I like to teach them practical knowledge that they'll be able to use when they've grown up.  Things like applying wall putty on cracks on the wall :)  It's simple, easy to do and enjoyable.  At best, it's doing something that will make them appreciate and value their room more since they had a hand in beautifying it.

When in UP Diliman: Rodic's and The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

19 October 2016

Patrick and I rarely go out on our own.  We usually bring the kids with us because it's really nice going out as a family.  Also, we don't have a babysitter so we just bring them with us :)  But today, we thought it best that they stayed where they were since we were attending a cremation for Patrick's uncle on his mother's side.  At the back of my mind, I was already thinking about where we'll head to for lunch and naturally, when we're in the UP area, my first thought was Rodic's Diner.

Attended the Unmei Expo 2016: Career and Study Fair for Japanese Language Enthusiasts

16  October 2016

For someone who's interested in learning the Japanese language attending the Unmei Expo 2016 at the SMX in SM Mall of Asia is a must. It is the venue where Japanese schools and potential Japanese employers converge to give students and interested parties a chance to find out what's in store for the future for someone who's well-versed in the Japanese language.  It was held today, October 16, and Dana and I checked it out :)