Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy 21st Anniversary!

15 November 2015

Patrick and I reached our 21st year of togetherness last November 13.  Yep, Friday the 13th yet again! But that didn't bother me except for the fact that our DVD player went kaput that time haha But that was more coincidence and inevitability than anything else :)

21 years! You've gotta give us credit .  That's 10 years of being a couple and then 11 years of being a family.  With no breaks or cool off periods.  Of course, just like any other relationship there are ups and downs and we've had our fair share.  We just go with the flow.  Do we fight? Heck yes! But do we decide to let go? Hell No! Arguments, discussions and disagreements are as much a part of being together as the good times.  The bad parts actually make you stronger for being able to overcome them as a couple, as a family.  The kids are right there with us. We don't hold anything back.

You know that you've been together long enough when you're in sync.  We often think about the same things at the same time.  It happens more often now, I've noticed.

Patrick has also gotten more grumpy and I teased him about it saying he's beginning to be like the man in the movie UP haha He actually acknowledged that observation and agreed with it! hahaha

But anyway, here we were on Sunday eating at our favorite burger joint, Charlie's Grind and Grill.  We've been craving for this for so long! (finances have been tight recently so we consider this bit of luxury).  This was our Anniversary Special ! hahaha

After a very filling lunch, we headed to Cubao to do some grocery shopping at Shopwise.  While walking around the area, I told Dana that when they're older, they'll be the ones telling their kids how they used to walk with us in Shopwise just the way that we tell them how it is with our parents.  Patrick and I have that in common - going to Cubao for shopping and entertainment when we were kids and we often tell Dana and Dylan what we used to do with our parents while in Cubao.  Dana remarked, "There might not be a Shopwise by then Mama" hahaha She may be right hahaha

We also went in search of a new DVD player and there's really not a lot now, funny enough.  But we did also find great toy bargains at the Farmers Plaza.  At the ground floor, there's a Toy Kingdom sale.  We were able to buy some for Christmas gifts but ssssshhhh no one's supposed to know yet hahahaha'

We went home after, and nobody wanted dinner yet because we're all still full.  Near Sta. Mesa, near the Illumina condominium, we got caught in traffic which was unusual since it was a Sunday and normally the traffic wasn't so bad.  Finally, we found out that there was a fire and that further on, traffic wasn't moving and we were advised just to turn around and go back which we did.  The route that Patrick took, the Kalentong way, was also at a standstill and we had to make a U-turn again and he decided to just go the Aurora Boulevard route.  It took us around 1 hour and a half to get home.  Dylan was already snoring in the backseat haha

Well, so ended the day.  Tiring but fun because we're together.  Here's to more years!!! :)

The Launch of Adventure 4X Magazine at the 2015 Manila Auto Salon

14 November 2015

Last Saturday, we all attended the launch of the country's first and only off-road adventure/lifestyle magazine, Adventure 4X, at the 2015 Manila Auto Salon held at the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trying out the Lucky House Lumpia and Fried Chicken restaurant along A. H. Lacson Street

02 November 2015

Today was not a holiday even though the country was commemorating All Souls' Day.  Dana's school though made it a holiday so she didn't have to return to school until tomorrow.  It was a regular day spent doing household chores.  I should have gone to the cemetery to visit my Mom but as she is buried in the US, I couldn't and just thought about her during the day, as I always do.

But time really flies when you're doing something and then it was evening and we didn't have anything to eat.  Patrick suggested we try out the Lucky House Lumpia and Fried Chicken restaurant along our street.  We passed it before on our way home one time and we were intrigued because it was new.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Biometrics Registration for the 2016 Elections has ended

Yesterday, as of 9:01 PM, marked the end of the registration period for the 2016 Elections.  What's so important about this registration period compared to the previous ones?  Well, for starters, every eligible voter who wants to vote during the 2016 Elections must have his biometrics information captured and plugged into the Voter Registration System.  Biometrics information, in this case, refers to the photograph, fingerprints and signature of the voter.  What this means is that if you were able to vote before in previous elections but have not updated your records with your biometrics information for the upcoming elections then you will not be able to vote.  The Commission on Elections has established "No Bio, no Boto" as their tagline for the 2016 Elections.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#MadForMonsters at Krispy Kreme

After a very educational trip to UST Museum (click here for the post), Dana and I brought home the #MadforMonsters Halloween doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.  We actually ate at Subway first but we forgot to take pictures haha