Daiso Japan's Dehumidifiers are Effective! :) #DaisoJapanPH

02 September 2016

Daiso Japan's dehumidifiers are effective and it took me a while to test them. We bought our dehumidifiers from Daiso Japan in Robinsons Manila about a month ago.  I told Patrick that we needed to buy one to put inside Stanley (our car) because there was one time when the car seats were covered in mold/mildew spots after continuous rains!  We were happy to find that they were offering a "Buy 2 Take 1 Free" promo on them.  We immediately chose 1 Lavender scent, 1 Citrus scent and 1 Unscented to test all three out :)

We immediately put the lavender scented dehumidifier inside the car as soon as we reached the parking space (yes, that fast!).  The rest we saved for later use.

It just so happened that Manila was up for continuous rainy days.  We opened the Citrus dehumidifier and put it in our bathroom where there was a leak in the ceiling.  After about a couple of days from opening, we noticed that there was an accumulation of water inside the container.  Oh and the bathroom did lose the musty smell that comes with being damp because of the citrus scent.

Next, I moved the citrus dehumidifier and put it in our air well where a bit of rain creeps along the walls.  This spot is where a lot of moisture accumulates and look! A lot of moisture was collected.  This was about a week's worth of moisture!

I think as moisture is absorbed by the little balls on the top divide, they are converted back into water that gets collected in the bottom half!  See the little white balls on top??  They disappear as they collect moisture.

 A word of caution though when opening the product:  Be careful when removing the foil from the top.  Make sure that you don't remove the thin filter that covers the package.  I made that mistake when we opened the lavender scented dehumidifier hehe It's still going to work but the little balls will be over-exposed to the atmosphere.

I'll be sure to buy more when Daiso Japan PH has a new promo :)

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