Cuatro - A Well-Loved and Cherished Pet

02 July 2021

Cuatro our beloved pet cat has died today.  It was such a surprise because he was visually getting better and then suddenly his health deteriorated and in a blink of an eye, he was gone.

Super Blood Moon 2021

26 May 2021

On this night, two special events happened. First, a total lunar eclipse and second, a super blood moon phenomenon. 

While I wish I had a decent camera to take pictures of this surreal phenomenon, I could only do with my smartphone camera hahaha

You could easily see the red hue in the sky and it's awesome and somewhat eerie to witness. 

A milestone: Dana's Grade 10 Moving Up Day

 18 May 2021

Congratulations Dana on finishing your Junior High School!!!

We are so proud of you!!

We love you!!!

Onward to Senior High School!

Celebrating the Kids' Birthdays with Sofia's Custom Cakes

2021 March

Though we do celebrate birthdays, we don't always go overboard. We just eat good food or maybe at the most, go out of town. With this pandemic, we have been on lockdown for a year and the kids are basically prisoners at home, it's imperative that we have some sort of birthday celebration just to keep their spirits up. So, here we have Dylan's Jurassic Park cake from Sofia's Custom Cakes

Patrick's Inurnment at La Loma Columbarium

2021 February 15

It is now 2 months since Patrick died. At first, we thought that we'd be more comfortable having his ashes in his urn at home. 

In fact, every morning, Dylan would greet him as soon as he walked into the room. I would often find him talking to him as if he was there. 

But, all things have their place so we decided that Patrick will also have his final resting place.

His is at La Loma Columbarium.