Covid-19 Chronicles: A grief-stricken Christmas for us as Patrick suddenly passes away

2020 December

We didn't think this year couldn't get any worse, but it did.  Patrick died after 2 days in the hospital, not from Covid-19 which was what we were protecting him against but from cerebrovascular disease pontine infarct, an ischemic stroke that affected his pons region of the brain stem.

It was devastating to say the least and my kids and I are still reeling from it even as I type now.

I will only touch on it with just a few details because to write about everything is still too painful.

I will write about the rest of December too, just to cap off the year. 

Covid-19 Chronicles: Start of 2020-2021 classes for Dylan & Other happenings

2020 October to November

Highlights of this post include:

- Start of Dylan's Online Classes

- My Birthday

- Dana's 1Q Online Exams

These may seem trivial but in this new world where Covid-19 rules, these are all milestones of the New Normal.  This is how we cope with being indoors and managing to stay sane despite it

COVID-19 Chronicles: September is Dylan's preparation time for his Online Classes

2020 September

One of the highlights during this month was Dylan getting this Cherry Mobile Magnum 10 tablet from the City of Manila, thru Mayor Isko Moreno.  

All currently enrolled students in public schools in Manila will get one, including a SIM with 10GB of Data.  We received a Globe SIM Card but I don't know if everyone did.

Anyway, more of that in the post so just read on :)

COVID-19 Chronicles: Highlights of July and August (Still on GCQ)

2020 July-August

Now that we're under General Community Quarantine (GCQ), we can now visit supermarkets together, as seen in the photo, taken when we went to our neighborhood supermarket, Savemore.  Let me tell you, it's easier to shop when there's someone to carry the groceries home with you.

But does that mean we take longer, not necessarily.  We're both aware that we just need to get our stuff done and go straight home.  The longer we are outside, the higher our chances of getting infected, so NO,  we don't loiter.

Anyway, here are the highlights between July and August of our time during lockdown :)

Hope you're all staying safe! :)

Covid-19 Chronicles: Metro Manila is now under General Community Quarantine (GCQ)

 01 -30 June 2020

It is now June.  We're into our 3rd month of Quarantine/Lockdown in Metro Manila.  The GCQ downgrading meant that restrictions were eased up even though there were still plenty of confirmed cases in the region.  People have to work.  Businesses have to open.  Everyone has to find a working balance to survive. 

However, despite all these difficulties, we had to stay happy.  We had to stay calm and collected for our peace of mind :)