Review: What I loved about the Ford Everest Titanium 3.2L 4x2 AT

22 May 2019

We took the Ford Everest Titanium 3.2L 4x2 AT for a drive to Tagaytay and back to Manila on two separate occasions, first in April and then with this trip and I can honestly say it's one of the most comfortable trips I've had :)

Though I'm just a passenger and I can't say much about the ease of driving and the handling, I can remark about how comfortable I felt while riding in the Ford Everest Titanium.

I'll list down my favorites, so read on!

Just for information, the 2019 Ford Everest Titanium 3.2L 4x2 AT is a 7-seater, premium SUV.  It is diesel-powered and with an Automatic Transmission.  Here are some of its features that I found both surprising and practical. 

  • Power Door Locks from the passenger seat - Some of you may find it weird that I was happy to find door locks on my side.  Most of the time, and in most cars, I had to stretch my arm to reach the door locks on the driver's side if I have to lock the doors when Patrick leaves the car, for instance, when he has to go to the restroom and we stay in the car.  I actually did it out of habit during this trip and I laughed so hard when I noticed that I could control the door locks from my side!   

  • Extremely spacious cargo space - With only 4 people in a 7-seater car, you would say that we have more cargo space than we needed.  And it's true, as you can see, with the last rear seats folded up, there's more room in the back. 
  • Automatic folding of rear seats - To get more cargo space, we needed to fold the last 2-seater rear seats.  With just a touch of the button on the left side of the cargo space, the seats folded automatically!  That was truly convenient!   

  • Puddle Lamps - Call me stupid but this is the first time I've heard of puddle lamps haha  I saw this  "Everest" sign lit up on my side as I was getting out of the car when we returned to the parking area during the evening.  I only noticed it then because it was dark and it certainly helped me in getting out of the car because I can see the step board clearly.  There were also lights (the puddle lamps) that light up on the side of the car which helps you secure your footing because you can clearly see where you are.  That was cool!  

  • Overhead Air vents - It was Dylan who first noticed the overhead air vents when he remarked that they were like the ones in buses haha  When I asked the kids which they preferred (in comparison with the vents mounted near the center console), they said they liked feeling the air on the face rather than on their legs hahaha 
  • Dual Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (DEATC) - In relation to the air con, I appreciated the DEATC because it meant that I can control the temperature of the air that was coming from the vents on my side.  Usually, I would be really cold because Patrick and the kids like it freezing in the car hahaha  

  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) - This is a safety feature that alerts the driver when there's a vehicle coming from the driver's blind spot.  A yellow indicator lights up on the side mirror when a vehicle is approaching from the rear on either side of the car.   

  • Power adjust for seats - When traveling you want to be as comfortable as possible, so the first thing I do is adjust my seat.  I love having the power adjust because it gives you the most accurate fit for your legs and back, including lumbar support :)

The Ford Everest Titanium 3.2L 4x2 AT is a really great vehicle for city and out of town driving.  It's powerful, fuel efficient (our travel to Tagaytay and back hardly had any dent in our fuel), comfortable, spacious and has a bunch of safety features.  I honestly love this car :)

Thank you Ford Philippines for letting us take your Ford Everest Titanium 3.2L 4x2 AT for a spin in Tagaytay!  We enjoyed every minute of it :)

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