Cousins' Day Out

Something is definitely up when, all of a sudden, you receive a slightly mysterious message from someone that you hardly hear from.  Well, that was the case when I heard from Jericho who messaged me about his concerns about Patrick's nephew, Rhys, who was apparently not being well cared for by his mom (this according to Jericho who was her partner for almost 6 years).  They have now split up but Dimples and Rhys were still living in Jericho's house.

Not to get into all the details because it'll just be too much drama for anyone, there was a family  meeting or you might even say an "intervention", including Stevie and his wife to discuss what's been happening to the boy. Fast forwarding the story, it has then been decided that Rhys will stay with us, the siblings will each contribute financially especially since school will be starting in June, and for starters, Rhys will be spending the night with us just to see how well he gets along with Dana and Dylan, hence the title of the blog post.

So, since we had already planned to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 with the kids, we just brought Rhys with us that same day and he'll be spending the night with us.  It's been a long time since we last saw him.  Frankly, we hardly see him because they don't attend any of the family gatherings, limited as they are.  Here they were on the way to Robinson's Manila.

Here they were, posing while waiting for their pretzels from Auntie Anne's :)

They had a great time at the movie.  After the movie, we went to Max's for dinner.  Rhys ate a lot!

Dana just wanted to show off her earrings :)

So far, it seemed like they were going to get along well together.  Let's wait and see.  We took him back the next day and he had plenty of stories to share with his mom.

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