Garcia's Coffee at the Baguio Public Market

27 September 2016

After our trip to the Strawberry Farms in Benguet, we were debating where to go next since it was drizzling so any outdoor activities had to be postponed.  Patrick and I decided to visit the Baguio Public Market instead to check if we can get the souvenir items that friends asked us to buy.  We parked next to the Igorot Park along Harrison Road and walked the overpass to get to the Baguio Public Market.  Our noses were tantalized by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and that led us to Garcia's Coffee where we were staggered by the affordability of freshly ground coffee beans.  There were also a number of different flavors that blew our minds :)

I've been to the Baguio Public Market before during previous trips to Baguio but never really got the chance to explore most of it.  At that time, we just went straight to the vegetables and souvenirs sections.  Walking the aisles with my kids this time was a new experience and I was glad to see that they were interested in what they were seeing.

Anyway, we were drawn to the rich, savory aroma of coffee and we arrived at the Garcia's Pure Coffee stall.  There were different varieties of coffee: Benguet Blend, Sagada Medium, Robusta Dark Roast, Arabica, Kalinga Medium, Barako and others.  They will also ground the beans for you if you want.  Looking at the different beans, it seemed that the Benguet Blend was a top favorite.

It was hard to choose seeing as I don't know enough to distinguish the slight variations of the flavors of the coffee.  So, I went with a kilo of Benguet Blend and a kilo of Hazelnut. :)  

After that, we went out of the market and the kids stopped for a taste of the Milky Binatog.  They loved it! :D

We didn't buy any other souvenir goodies yet because we figured we had time to buy them before we left Baguio.  Plus, we didn't want anything to spoil by buying them early.


  1. Hi! I just want to know if you ship orders here in Manila?

    1. Hi! I don't supply coffee. :) I'm just a fellow customer.

    2. I ship Garcias coffee to Manila every week. You may want to contact me for your order :)


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