About the Blog

The Origin of the Blog

I started this blog when my Mom died.  

Her passing was so sudden that I still found myself emailing her automatically when I needed or wanted to tell her about something.  I have never stopped talking to her.  I've been talking to her in my heart and head. This blog is simply another way of continuing our communication, albeit on a different medium.

The Author of the Blog

I am Rachel, a resident of the Philippines.  Patrick and I have been together for 20+ years now and we have a daughter, Dana and a son, Dylan.  

The Blog

I love to write and I find it easy to write.  I use this blog to write about the events and milestones that happen in our family with the hope that other family members and friends abroad will be able to read it and remain close to us despite the distance.   

I write about places that we travel to whether it's within Metro Manila or out of town.

I write about restaurants that we dine at.

I write about the kids' activities in school.

I write about car shows and test drives.

I write about movies, books, TV shows and other entertainment.

I write about our experiences in stores.

I write some How-to articles as a service to people who may need the information.


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