A day of pampering: Let's Face it & Laybare

 It's not often that I get days when I feel pampered.  For today, Dana and I went to SM San Lazaro, for pampering with a purpose :) My college buddy, Brian, is getting married this Saturday and it's a good time as any to just look good for it :)  So, I scheduled such a day specifically for a facial at Let's Face It and eyebrow threading and underarm waxing from LayBare Salon.

I have tried several facial treatments from different salons.  I've tried Dermclinic (in SM Sta. Mesa) but wasn't satisfied with their Medical Facial.  It wasn't very thorough and it felt like the one doing the process was a trainee.  I've also been to White Beauty Face and Body Center in Ortigas.   Patrick had access to several GC's offered by his office and I was able to take advantage of those.  The GC's were worth P1500 and I used them (on 2 separate occasions) for a Facial with Mask.   Their service seemed okay but I didn't think that the facial was worth P1500.

I was wary of Let's Face It because often times when I look into their area, there are almost always a whole bunch of women getting their faces cleaned and I didn't really like that at all.  I much preferred a more private atmosphere which was the reason I went for DermClinic and White Beauty in the first place.  But then, I was kinda short on cash at the moment so I timed my visit when the Mall opened so there will hardly be anyone in the salon which can give the illusion of being in a private setting.  I was right, when Dana and I got there, there were only 3 other clients in the service area, so that was okay, and we were far from each other too.  I only tried their basic facial which was worth P245 with laser and 2 free check-ups.  I didn't really have any expectations at all so it was with an open-mind that I proceeded with my facial.

I was directed to their wash area to clean my face twice with their cleansing soap with a follow-through of a moisturizing soap.  They helped me put on a hair net and a "bib" so you don't get water and soap on your clothes.  Then I was directed to one of their beds, got relaxed and just waited for the process to start.  After a relaxing facial massage and I assume, another cleaning to open the pores, steam was directed at my face for about 15 minutes.  The atmosphere was relaxing since the attendants weren't really noisy and there weren't that many customers too.  Then the "actual" cleaning began and I've never had so much pain in my life!! Honestly!  My only thought at that time was that prisoners and criminals should be treated to such a "benefit" so they will hesitate the next time they want to commit a crime.

The pressing and the removal of the dirt on my face was so painful I can possibly compare it to having labor, I think worse even! LOL  At one point, when I can predict the attendant's moves, I was mentally crying "Block!" "Block!" "Block!" when the attendant will press on my face and my skin.  I can't fault her for being thorough though because, ultimately, that's the point of a facial - to get your face cleaned of yuck and dirt that you normally can't clean with regular soap and cleansers.  I just wish it wasn't so painful!  After all that, I felt like my face was swollen and indeed there were marks on my skin when I left the salon.  Some people were looking at me funny while Dana and I got something to eat afterward.  I just didn't mind them hehehe

About 30 minutes after Let's Face It, the swellling on my face has subsided and we headed next to LayBare.  I've been to this branch three times.  The first time and 3rd time, I felt really pampered and I felt good.  I had both eyebrow threading and underarm waxing with MJ as my attendant.  Her hands were supple and light and the threading wasn't painful.  The underarm waxing was very relaxing, I loved it!  The 2nd time I went there, I wasn't so satisfied because I felt that the attendant was rather hurried.  The underarm waxing with her took about 5 minutes only.  I felt kinda cheated.  She must have been hurrying because she wanted to get on with her break because as soon as we left the salon, we saw her heading out.  I will avoid her the next time I go back :)

I will have to think twice about going back to Let's Face It though.  I don't think I can take that much pain the next time hehehe


  1. Goung back to sm sta mesa branch of lets face it is no no for me... eversince u had their painful facial, my pimples got bigger that i wasnt able to go to work for 3days.. first time i ever did.

    1. Same with me!!!! Sm sta mesa branch of LFI is the worst branch. Attendants are noisy, suggesting diff treatments while you are in pain. So unproffessional

  2. When i get back for my free check up... my attended pricked my almost healed pimple. What happened was it started to swell again as if infected. I was so pissed i wish i never gave her a tip. And now im never coming back for the second check up... its not worth my money.. and the facial process is so painful... it is still best to consult the derma instead of facial salons like this.


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