Driving Directions from Baguio to Manila via Marcos Highway

30 September 2016

There are three main roads in and out of Baguio: Kennon Road, Palispis Highway (also known as Marcos Highway) and Naguilian Road.  If you're coming from Manila via the SCTEX and the TPLEX, Kennon Road and Marcos Highway are the routes that you can choose to pass through to get to Baguio.  Naguilian Road is ideal if you're passing through the coastal MacArthur Highway.

During our Baguio trip, we drove on Kennon Road to get to Baguio but we were forced to take Marcos Highway on the return trip because Kennon Road was closed for repairs.  Historically, Kennon Road gets closed down most often because of the threat of landslides especially during the rainy season.  It's better to check advisories if you're planning your trip.

The key to getting out of Baguio via Kennon Road and Marcos Highway is the roundabout at the southernmost end of Governor Pack Road.  Going Right leads to Marcos Highway and Going Left leads to Kennon Road.

Once you get on Marcos Highway, all you have to do is drive straight.  The main difference between Kennon and Marcos is that Marcos is a wider road but you have to contend with huge trucks sharing the road with you.  

Drive straight for around 7 kilometers or around 15 minutes and you'll reach the Badiwan Viaduct, a huge bridge that leads to the tunnel that serves as protection against landslides.  

View of the Tunnel
Entrance to the tunnel
When you exit from the tunnel, you'll see this sign on your left.

After driving steadily for about 30 minutes, you'll see this sign near an intersection. You need to turn left to get on the Pugo-Rosario Road.  It can be confusing because there's no sign that says "Manila".  This is actually where we made a mistake.

This picture was taken when we made a U-turn after missing the intersection.  From this angle, we turned RIGHT to head to Pugo.  But if you're coming from the opposite direction (the direction from Baguio), then you need to turn LEFT, like the pickup :)

The scenery is quite tranquil, apart from the slow-moving trucks.

We got slowed down by the rain and some ongoing construction.

After 15 minutes from the intersection, you'll see this sign.

You're nearing the junction between Kennon Road and Marcos Highway when you see this sign.

You are now heading into MacArthur Highway once you see this sign to Manila. (Sorry for the clarity of the picture).

Here's one of the landmarks near the Junction.

In under 5 minutes, or roughly 2 kilometers, you'll reach the La Union arch, marking your exit from the province.  You need to drive around 25 kilometers or 30 minutes from here to the TPLEX. 

At the TPLEX, per usual, you will have to get the card.  There are currently two Petron gas stations on the TPLEX which are both under construction.  Drive on until you reach the end of the TPLEX where you'll pay P235.  Continue driving, you'll reach another tollgate to get on to the SCTEX.
KM 134, SouthBound on the TPLEX
At this point, we veered off and exited to Clark.  But, if you're headed to Manila, the drive is still pretty straightforward, just follow the signs going to Manila and your next tollgate (via the NLEX) will be at Bocaue, Bulacan.  You no longer need to pay at the SCTEX.  Your toll fee is consolidated with your NLEX dues and you only pay at your exit point. It will probably be P322, the same fee we paid going to Baguio.


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