Reuniting with old friends

Once again, time has permitted former office mates and great friends to meet.  This time, it was at Martin's son, Kevin's 21st birthday and graduation bash, held last October 30.  It took a while to get most of the pictures so this post is a bit delayed. So, sorry for that :)

There was a casino theme as you can see, which was a perfect backdrop for our getting together.  We all shared good times, entertaining moments and unforgettable blunders that mostly centered around clubs, drinks, girls (for the boys) and  general frivolity during the years we all worked for Senator Ramon Revilla, more than 15 years ago.

Here's a toast to Kevin - Good luck on your new path!
Here's a toast to my friends - It's good to have found you all once again!

Here's a photo chronicle of the night:

Before going inside the venue
L-R: Alan, Russell, Kevin, Jerry, me, Patrick

Standing (L-R): Lily caught up with us, Russell, Mang Rudy
Sitting (L-R): me, Jerry, Martin, Ronnie
Martin opened a bottle of Patron for us to enjoy!
Ronnie and I got free hats!
Girls (seated): me and Lily
Boys (standing): Russell, Martin, Ronnie, Jerry & Mang Rudy
I've become so fat I'm able to block Jerry!

Pro Photo!
Jerry's missing! Where in the world is Jerry Panela?

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