In between activities

This post is a combination of the small though not trivial activities that happened in between major events in November.

November 04 - We found out that Stevie, Patrick's brother, was rushed to the hospital due to a tummy ache.  His wife, Toni, has been in touch with me during the day because she feared that Stevie was taking the pain too lightly and may not reach the hospital in record time.  Apparently, Stevie was in Bulacan working on a project when he felt that his stomach was giving him pain.  It took a long time for him to get to Manila which left Toni worried.  Around 6PM (by my recollection) he was already brought to surgery for an emergency appendectomy.  His appendix hasn't ruptured but there appeared to be infection around it and so the doctor had to remove it.  We went to the hospital that same day but it took a while for the anesthesia to leave his system so we didn't see him.  We came back on Friday.  Oh and we saw the appendix! hahaha Patrick thought it gross! LOL

November 12 - Both kids did well in their report cards.  Dylan has great improvements.  Dana got awarded the 3rd Top Borrower in School ! :) Guess who she takes after? LOL

November 13 - Happy 16th Anniversary to me and Patrick.  Unfortunately, this was a sore day because we didn't get to celebrate it because Patrick stayed overnight at the Hotel H2O at the Manila Ocean Park for the annual Top Gear Planning.   I could understand it, it's work, it's important, but to not send me a text message (AT LEAST!) that was the worst thing.  He didn't even call us that night!!! okay, enough with the rant, but I thought I'd just shout it out LOL

November 19 - Dana and I tagged along when Patrick went to Mall of Asia to cover a car show there.  We decided to watch Harry Potter 7 because we were at the mall early and I thought there wouldn't be a throng of people in line because school and offices  haven't really let out.  I like it but I knew it would be a tad slow because they had to stretch it to cover one whole film.  There were some highlights and I especially liked the dialogue.  It is recommended that you watch the first movies or at least read the prior books to have a better understanding of the movie.

Since we were there at the mall, Dana and I had a ManiPedi session at the Mint Hand and Foot Spa in preparation for my cousin's wedding.  I was a little worried because I just had a traumatic ingrown infection that took a while to heal.  Fortunately, Gina, the senior technician was able to deal with my toe quite nicely.  It was also the first time I went to that nail salon and I must say, it was a good experience.  It was quiet and clean and the technicians were efficient.  :)

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