UST Thomasian Expo

I have to be honest and say that I hardly participate in any of my former school's activities.  I don't attend reunions.  I don't attend get-togethers.  I don't attend anything! I think I'm a scrooge hahaha

But when I saw that UST was holding a Thomasian Expo at the SMX at the Mall of Asia in commemoration of it's upcoming 400th Anniversary in 2011, I just couldn't miss it.  I guess that one of the factors that made me want to go was because I will be seeing a friendly face there, Mina, a High School classmate and friend who I've gotten caught up with because of Facebook.  Her sister-in-law has a booth there and it was a good chance as any to see each other.  I was also wondering what other exhibits and booths were worth looking into, not just for me but also for my brother who was also from UST High School.  


Taken at UST when Dana 2 years old
Though it was a 3-day event, I was only able to go on the last day because of our hectic October schedule (which also happens to be my birth month so Happy Birthday to me!).  We could only drop by after our trip to my Grandmother in Cavite where we brought her wheelchair which we got from our local government.  So hurrah for that too!

Anyway, so yeah, we saw Mina, had our fill of Vigan Empanada, bought a couple of pairs of shoes for the kids, a couple of cute hats, and basically just went around :) I wish I can tell you more but we arrived later than anticipated so there wasn't much to see at that point.

There were some photo ops outside the trade expo which we took advantage of :)

 After a tiring day, we found ourselves at Don Henrico's with the kids wearing their newly-bought, cute hats :)

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