Torrado-Jose Nuptials, April 7th 2010

Believe it or not, we've been invited to another wedding!! hahaha Our frocks are really worth it now hahahha

This time my cousin Francis and his fiancee Macole are getting married at the Sto. Domingo Church and having their reception at the Fernwood Garden in QC.  Last Sunday, we were able to catch up with our relatives from the Paypon side because they're here to attend the wedding.  We also found out that Den will be a proxy bridesmaid to replace one who got a scheduling conflict.  To prepare for the event, Den had a dress fitting (fortunately,  the dress shop was near Dylan's school so it was easy to go to) on Monday.  We were worried that they wouldn't be able to repair the dress on time but they pulled through :)

We all went to Hot Nails Spa (our spa of choice!) for some foot pampering :)  We timed it well so that Den would know what color her dress will be to coordinate the color of her nail polish as well.  The next day, we all went to Torre Venezia where the kin were billeted.  Den needed to spend the night there in order to be bright and early the next day.  Preparations for the actual wedding will take a long time so it's better that she be there as soon as possible.  We had dinner together with Tita Letty, Josh, Mar and Alyssa at Gerry's Grill.

On the day of the wedding, we (minus Patrick who was coming from the office) went straight to Sto. Domingo.  It was a solemn but touching ceremony.  What is it about weddings that really brings people to tears?! :D The bride, Macole, looked beautiful and Francis looked excited ;)  These are the pictures taken immediately after the ceremony, outside the church.  Don't they all look n ice? :D

The drive to Fernwood Garden was short.  Patrick got caught in traffic on his way from the office so we were a little behind.

Upon arriving, we took pictures, of course! :D

We got to our seats and we waiting for the bridal entourage's entrance.  It was really cool and cheery :)  We just took the time to take pictures of most everyone we know :)

Family (L) and Philip and Den (R)

Ate Mel and Dylan (L), Daddy and Dana (R)

Tita Cora and Tito Angel (L), Tita Letty and Josh (R)

Tito Ping and Tita Beth (L) and Tita Ofel (R)

This time, we were able to take a picture of the huge swans and koi in the ponds.  Dylan kept calling out, "Farmville" hahahaha

After the ceremony, more pictures taken with the family.

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