Checking things off on the wishlist :)

Do any of you maintain a wish list - a list of things that you really wish for regardless of how crazy some of them are?  I have maintained a wish list since 2000 and it's fun to look at the list and see how it grows and see how fast I was able to achieve some of them.  Actually, some things took too long but still, in the end I was still able to check it off hahaha

Some of the things I have on my list which I've been fortunate to acquire over time include a TV, a PS2, a new computer, an effective sound system, a facial (can't seem to remove it hahaha), a massage, the renovation of my room, replacement of the windows at home and a lot more.  It just makes me happy that things get checked off and there's room for more wishes :)

The latest wish that got checked off was the treatment of the warts on my face.  Yes, uggh, I agree with you.  For the longest time, I keep seeing them on my face and I know that I have to go for treatment but I just never found the time nor the money to actually pursue it until now.  I finally met with a dermatologist, Dr. Jaz, and she got rid of them (not just on my face but on my neck and chest and back!) Some people will find it painful, really painful but my tolerance for pain is high so it was a walk in the park for me hahahaha It was through electrocautery and you need 1-2 weeks for the wounds to heal.  But after that, there's a new me - a fresher, younger looking me!! It's not cheap though, you need to really save up for it :) I took pictures but I'd rather you don't throw up while reading this post so I didn't include any here LOL

If I had one thing removed from my wish list, Patrick also had one wish granted.  His was totally awesome.  He got to ride in one of the Subaru cars that the legendary Russ Swift used in his exhibition stunts at the 2010 Manila International Auto Show.  I'm still fixing the videos to upload so check back later for them.

The stunt he was involved in was Russ Swift driving the car on it's side, on two wheels alone!!  I was afraid for Patrick but I was also excited for him :D I knew what a privilege it was to be part of the stunt.

Just to let you know, I had my ECT (electrocautery treatment) the day before the show.  I didn't really want to go because my face was yucky (really bad like I had chicken pox or something!) but I didn't want to miss Patrick's moment so I soldiered on hehehe

Here are some pictures of the kids at the show:

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