Easter Sunday Celebration

Happy Easter everyone!

After a restful vacation in Subic and being cooped up in the house for the remaining Holy Days, it was time to get out of the house for Easter woohoo.. !!!  

The plan was to watch the movie, Clash of the Titans.  The kids have seen the original movie, with its clay animation and loved it and so they were as eager to watch the movie as we were.  However, when we got to the cinemas, the lines were so long and it seemed that it was everyone's idea to watch the same movie all at the same time LOL  It was even funnier that while waiting and pondering what to do, we often heard comments like, "What IS Clash of the Titans?" People were puzzled why it was such a big deal hahaha

So rather than subject ourselves to the long lines for the movie, we chose to watch instead the animated film, How to Train Your Dragon.  It was such a great movie! It was fast-paced and as usual the animation was superb! I really enjoyed Toothless hahahaha He's like a huge Pokemon! hahaha there's so much character in him :) Dylan of course liked the big dragon which they had to fight in the end because it looked like a dinosaur :)

After the movie, the kids took advantage of the free face painting being offered by the mall.  Dylan had a spider and web drawn onto him while Dana had the glittery fairy/butterfly face paint.

After, we went to the Paypon gathering in North Susana because our relatives from New Jersey and Calayan Island are here in Manila to celebrate Francis and Macole's wedding on the 7th.  Den it seemed was going to be a proxy bridesmaid at the wedding :)

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