Another reunion 23 years in the making :)

15 February 2016

Belated Happy Valentine's day everyone!

I have a love-hate relationship with Valentine's day so I normally don't post anything about it.  I love it when I see people in a relationship sincerely celebrate their love and I hate it when it's the only day that your partner ever pays attention to you (and I'm not speaking from personal experience! haha) and celebrates it with you just because everybody else is.

Anyway, what I was looking forward to was this day, the day after Valentine's because we had a mini get-together scheduled since another friend from abroad, Lallie, is back home for a visit. It's been 20+ years since we've seen each other although I saw her briefly 2 years ago, when I got sick, just around the same time.  But this time, I'm well and better and it's time for fun! Idy and George were also there and I wished some of the other friends that we had invited were able to come but they had previous commitments :)

We made our reservation at Mesa Greenbelt 5 since she was craving for Filipino food.  They also served liquor which was a consideration if the guys wanted to drink beer.  Since she was staying with her family very near our place, we went to the venue together and met up with the rest of the group there, around 6PM.  Man, having the Waze app is a God-send because we were able to maneuver through Manila and Makati traffic with ease. Still, it took us an hour to get to Makati.  Since our reservation was for 7PM, we had time to catch up while waiting for our turn.  It was great!

It was funny when the girl at the reception called me on my mobile to tell us our table was ready when we were actually right in front of her haha She thought we went walking around the area.  :)  When we were eventually seated, we couldn't wait to order seeing as they really had a lot of great choices!  We eventually settled for Baked Scallops, Green Mango Salad, Prawns with Lemon Butter, Sisig, Sinigang Salmon Belly, Boneless Crispy Pata, Rice (can't have Pinoy food without it) and another order of the prawns because they were so good :) I wasn't able to take pictures of the other dishes (Sorry!)

Baked Scallops
Prawns with Lemon Butter  and Sinigang Salmon Belly
The next few hours were spent catching up on 20 years of history - husbands, wives, kids, jobs, travels, bucket lists, mid-life crises, basketball, old friends, and more and time just flew...

We were actually waiting for another friend to show up, Pepe, but we've already finished everything we've ordered and it was time for dessert so we moved to Mary Grace which is just across Mesa because Lallie wanted to fill up on their sansrival.  We figured if Pepe was on his way, we'd just let him know where we were.  Turned Pepe wasn't coming because he thought that our meeting was cancelled! I don't know where he got that idea but there it was.

I enjoyed their Cheesecake! It was so rich and filling and paired tastefully with their Latte.  By this time, Patrick and Dylan also arrived to bring us home so they were also able to dine with us.  When we all finished our treats, it was time to go home because the boys had work the next day and Lallie still had an early flight to El Nido and it was about 11PM already.  George commented that Marlon will be pissed if we spent more time together this time than we did when he was with us haha

Coffee Latte :)
I had a really great time and I wish we had more moments with friends like this.  Sometimes, in this busy game called life, we often forget to touch base with other people, our friends, and we should make the time to do that.  It's not just fun but also enriching because of the shared experience. ;)