Dana's 2016 Family Day

20 February 2016

I woke up just as Dana was getting ready for the day.  She mentioned that it was Family Day today and that she'd like it if we attended.  Well, of course we would, as least I would, because I knew that she and her class have been practicing really hard for their performance.  In fact, they were already proclaimed Champions in their category and their performance today would just be for family and friends, to showcase their skill :)

So, Dana went ahead since they were required to be at school at their regular school time but parents weren't really obliged to be there that early.  When I came down, I saw Dana had posted a note on the PC saying that we can be there around 9AM so I still had time for breakfast and a few chores around the house.

Patrick and Dylan didn't want to go so I left them.  I was armed with two chargers for my phone just in case the battery gets drained before I can even record their dance.  My phone was getting wonky in its old age and I was using Dana's phone this time.  When I got there, they were still in the Chapel and the Mass wasn't quite finished yet so I had time to look around.  There were food stalls for lunch - Chowking, KFC, Jollibee and Zagu-like refreshments.  Last year, I remember there was a McDonald's kiosk.  When the mass was over, almost everyone started going to these food kiosks haha

I texted Dana to find out where she is because it's quite difficult to find her among the sea of people that were now around the school's quadrangle.  Everyone was in blue, which was the color of the day.  I finally saw her with her classmates but they've already changed into their costume for their performance.

To start off the program, kids, parents and teachers were invited to participate in a short Zumba exercise :)  Their teacher was in the lead and supposedly, the best performer gets to win a prize.  The lower graders were so cute in their costumes - they were the champions for their category.  Dana and her class were right there but they weren't exactly participating since they were bothered by the fact that the music they were going to use for their dance was missing.  Apparently, the person who had the music didn't have it and now they were freaking out!  Kids, man, they should have checked and planned for it before this day.  It was fun watching them get all panicky and distraught hehe

Anyway, their performance was pushed for a later time to give them time to produce the music, which was apparently with one of their classmates who was yet to arrive.  In the meantime, they held raffle games to while away the time and Dana won an umbrella ! yay! :)


Next, the College level wowed everyone with their performance, which was a combination of cheering and dancing.  They were very well-prepared! :)

Finally, it was time for Dana's performance.  I was so excited and wished she was in front haha Anyway, enjoy! :)  You can view the video here.