Patrick's advanced birthday celebration at Buffalo's Wings N' Things

09 February 2016

Ready to Eat!
Last Christmas, I gave Patrick 2 Gift Vouchers worth P500 each for a restaurant we haven't tried - Buffalo's Wings N' Things.  We used these coupons to celebrate his birthday and it was timely that today, Dana's school had a scheduled field trip which she didn't attend so she was able to celebrate with us.  The GC's were restricted for Monday to Thursday visits only so we couldn't use it on his actual birth date and Patrick will be in Clark during the 11th and 12th so today's timing was perfect.

So here we are in our "Before" photos haha We've already given the Gift Vouchers to the staff so that they can validate them and check that everything is in order.  He was only asked to present an ID (which we knew they would) and to fill out a form with his contact information, presumably for data collection purposes.  Then, we were given our Menus and placed our order. 

While we waited for our food, we took the time to look around the restaurant.  The kitchen was visible from our spot on the floor.  Dylan and Patrick sat on the bar which faces the kitchen.  This was their view.

The Menu across our table
Deep Fryers
Different Mild and Hot Sauces
The View from the Outside

When I bought the gift vouchers from Deal Grocer, I was made to choose the branch where the vouchers will be used.  I chose SM City North Edsa since it's been awhile since we've been there.  I thought it'd give us a chance to go around it again.

Before we went to the restaurant, we browsed their menu online so we would have an idea of what to order and to budget the P1000 Gift Voucher properly.  So, we kind of knew what we wanted but our great server Cess was very enthusiastic and helpful with explaining their specials, how much is in every order and just how hot their sauces can go :)  This is what we had:

Triple Sampler - 12 pcs with 3 types of Sauces, P409
(L) Sriracha Garlic, (UR) Honey BBQ, (LR) Firehouse
Chicken Tenders (Boneless), Single Order
Garlic Parmesan Dip, P139
Classic Twin Hotdogs, P149
We also ordered 3 Iced Teas and a Soda to go with everything.  Oh and we also chose to have a Bleu Cheese add-on for P29.  Our server Cess suggested Rice and Nachos, but we thought we wanted to taste the wings on their own.  Just to savor them, you know.

The Garlic Parmesan sauce was really delicious!  The kids and I loved it.  It was buttery and cheesy with just a slight tang to it.  The Honey BBQ sauce was also very good, sweet and aromatic.  They're the least spicy sauces that are perfect for the kids.

The Sriracha Garlic sauce was a new sauce recommended by Cess and it was also great.  Just that hint of a bite but if you continuously consume it, it's going to hit hard.  Dana couldn't take it hahaha Patrick really loved the Firehouse sauce, comparing it to Charlie's Grind and Grill level which is saying a lot because those are the best wings we've had :)

The Classic dogs were small but filling and very tasty.  Their iced teas were reminiscent of Wendy's Iced Teas and they're my favorite so yeah I liked mine :)

After that delicious treat, we all trooped home haha We passed by Auntie Anne's and bought a box of their pretzel nuggets just to soothen our palates :)  You can see the joy in our faces while we took pictures in the car on the way home :D

Thank you to Deal Grocer for that bargain of a deal! Thank you Buffalo's Wings N' Things, especially our server Cess for taking care of us! Happy birthday Patrick and we hope you loved your Day Out with us :)

*Buffalo's Wings N' Things - Upper Ground Floor, SM Annex Building, SM City North Edsa