Get-Together with College Buddies at Bugsy's Makati

12 January 2016

Another happy event to start the year 2016 - A reunion with College Buddies! Our buddy Marlon and his family were back in the Philippines for their annual vacation and naturally, we had a little get-together :)  It's a little impromptu because when balikbayans come back to the PI, their schedules are usually busy with many family gatherings and trips planned.  We can only be there when they say they're available on a particular day and/or time but that's okay because the important thing is that we see each other even if it's just a short while.

I hitched a ride with Patrick on the way to Makati since he had his own event to go to.  I met up first with Idy since his office building is right across where we're supposed to meet.  George, followed after.  Here they are sharing the seat across from me.

Marlon was the next to arrive.  He got caught up in traffic on the way but was able to find parking without a problem hehehe (parking in Makati can be difficult during office hours)

Pepe also managed to make it even on short notice.  Idy actually forgot to text him and since he had no Facebook account (which George planned on rectifying by creating one for him).  Fortunately, George sent him a text message and he was able to catch up :)

Dennis was the last to arrive.  Too bad we could only stay until 11PM because the guys still had to work the next day hahaha

But still, we were able to spend 5 hours together hahaha We actually didn't plan on lasting that long but when you have good food, great booze and the best company, time just flies! :)