Sole's 1st Birthday

23 January 2016

Happy 1st Birthday SOLE!

We went to Urdaneta Village to attend Sole's 1st birthday, an event that we've been greatly anticipating since we first received the e-invite on Facebook haha  Dylan actually learned to read the twenty-something numbers since he would ask me daily when Sole's birthday was and I would point to the calendar for him.  

We arrived and the party was already in full swing.  The host/magician was already performing and people were hanging out at the food kiosks, busy catching children at play and dining on the yummy buffalo wings and spaghetti that were served.

At first, Dylan was overwhelmed by the number of people and the buzz of activities especially since he fell asleep in the car during the ride over.  But he was able to acclimatize quickly and delved into French Fries (although there were Mixed Balls, Cotton Candy, Hotdogs and Ice Cream to choose from) and Iced Tea while watching the entertainment. 

At one point, he even went and opted to get his own treats from the desserts station.

Dylan and Patrick got their turn at the Face Painting area with Dylan choosing a Lightning McQueen piece on his arm while Patrick getting Mike Tyson's "tattoo" on his face. :)

When there was a break in the entertainment, everyone settled down either to eat some more or to catch up with friends and family.  Then it was time to sing the Happy Birthday song and let Sole blow out her birthday candle :)  The cake was so pretty and was perfect for the Candyland theme.  :)

There was a lot of time for the kids to play with each other.  Here are Luna, Tala and Sole with Dylan :)

As usual, here are the regular people at the events :) Charlie and Patrick, the kiddos (they're growing up so fast), Anne and Uncle B, Orvin, Josie and Nicole.   We were actually the last people to leave the party haha

Had a chance to carry Sole but she wanted none of that hahaha Oh and she's getting so heavy and I wish I was able to take a picture of her in her get-up with her wings! She looked so much like a cherub!

Patrick was so excited to receive a bagful of gummi worms :)

Oh and we had a lot of fun at the photo booth!

It was such a fun birthday party.  Thank you for inviting us.  We love Sole! We love you guys!! :)