Donated my books to "Books for A Cause"

07 January 2016

Reading books is my favorite past time.  If I didn't have any limits on the number of books I can store I'd probably have my own library/bookstore by now :)  But, the reality is, you need a lot of space for books and you need to make more space if you want to read new ones.  So, I made the choice to donate my books to the Books for a Cause organization.

At first, I offered my books to friends just in case someone wanted to take them off my hands.  One did but I guess logistics of handling the books became a problem so that didn't push through.  Though I certainly could sell the books online, I thought that it would just be better for me to find an organization that could accept these books and offer them to people who would benefit from them.

I naturally googled for such an organization and I got connected with the Books for a Cause website.  They collected donated books and used them to establish mini libraries across the country and I found that admirable and such a worthwhile endeavor.  I decided then and there to give my books to them.  I saw that they had a Facebook account (click this link) and they had several drop-off points.  Lucky for me there was one that was about 15 minutes away! :D

I was able to get in touch with them last December to clarify on the types of books that they accepted because when I checked their website I saw that they mentioned textbooks and reference books and my books were mostly fiction.  But they assured me that they accepted all kinds of books including educational audiovisual CD's and DVD's.  

It was only this year that I was able to organize the books that I wanted to donate and pack them and delivery them to the nearest drop off point which was in Galas, Quezon City.  I also checked via mobile for their schedule in accepting donations.  They replied promptly that books were accepted Monday to Saturday, any time.  So without any delay, we went to this drop off point.

As taken from their FB page
It wasn't hard to find the place and the transaction was completed swiftly.  Too swift in fact that I didn't have time to take pictures of the actual drop-off! haha  We just literally dropped the books with the people in the house haha

I only managed to take pictures of the drop-off point on our way back.  It's the red and white house on the left side of the picture.

It was a good feeling letting go of the books because I know they'll be in good hands.  Thanks to Books for A Cause for bringing books to everyone.  I'll probably have more to donate, just give me some time hahaha