Ethan Caleb's 1st birthday

November 17, 2013

We were invited by my former officemate and friend Bobbie to her son's 1st birthday bash held at the Oasis along Aurora Boulevard.  It was a Madagscar/Safari themed party and we were all excited to attend.

The kids were excited because it's a huge event if you're going by the number of invited guests as seen from the Facebook event invitation :)  I was thrilled because it will give me a chance to see my friends again.

We knew where Oasis Manila was because we were familiar with the area but we haven't really gotten inside it so we didn't know what to expect.  It was quite a huge place, somewhat disconcerting since it wasn't obvious from the outside.  There was a long line of cars (we were one of them) headed in one direction which we reluctantly followed correctly assuming that it led to the parking area.  For quite a big place, they had didn't have the appropriate parking slots.  We spent an hour waiting there until we decided to leave Patrick to it and just go ahead to the venue.

We had to ask around because we didn't know where to go hahaha We were finally led in the right direction and when we got there the party was in full swing.  The place was huge and full of guests! Bongga!! hahaha

We found Bobbie and she led us to a table and just told us to eat and have fun and then she blitzed off hahaha No event coordinators around and I salute her for doing everything herself :D

So, we carefully made our way to the buffet setup and filled our plates and went back to eat.  Kids didn't eat much because they wanted to join the activities.  They both aimed for the Face Painting and Glamor booth :) Since it was safari-themed there was also an exhibition of animals which the kids went crazy about.

Dana's face art
They also did her hair
Dylan's tattoo
I did get together with friends Anj, Tim, Dar, Ana and Yvonne. This is our only picture and our only souvenir haha

 Later, the kids took their time posing with the animal stands.  These were their favorites :D

Thank you Bobbie for inviting us!  We had a blast!  Happy birthday Ethan!

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