Meeting the Hyundai Zombie Car at SM MOA

October 12, 2013

Sometimes, Patrick just tells us to get dressed and we do without even knowing where we're going.  That was the case today when we went to the SM Mall of Asia.

Apparently, it was because of this car - the Hyundai Tucson turned Hyundai Zombie Car which was on display at the SM MOA.

The Hyundai Zombie car was scheduled to appear at different malls and locations as part of the promotional gimmick for Season 4 of the hit show, The Walking Dead.  The Hyundai Tucson was modified with the help of Atoy Customs.

At first, Dylan didn't want to stay close to it because he feared it but Dana was up for the challenge :D

Because Patrick knew the guys from HARI who were standing by and manning the car, we were allowed to go in and inspect the interior :)  When other people saw that it was okay to take pictures with the Hyundai Zombie car, they became more emboldened and had a great time :)

After, we just went around the mall and the kids took a picture with Lego Darth Vader :)

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