Luna and Tala's double birthday celebration

November 23, 2013

Today,  we were at Jollibee Greenmeadows to join the double birthday celebration of Bito and Mano's kids, Luna and Tala!

Luna turned 2 and Tala turned 1!

We enjoyed ourselves very much :)

We had only just arrived when I heard them call my name to participate in the games hahaha It was a game where we had to draw our faces on a whiteboard without being able to look at the board because it was in front of our face hahaha Well, that sounded confusing hehehe We had to hold the board up in front of our face with the front facing the audience so we couldn't see what we were drawing hence the hilarious results :D  But the fun thing was we all won :D

We spent some of our time chatting with the family and taking pictures :D  Then the food came and we were simply overwhelmed.  Bito and Mano really knew the appetites of their guests hahaha Everyone was served chickenjoy, fries, spaghetti and soda.  The adults had an extra serving of the Champ! whoa! gastronomic overload :D  We actually didn't finish our share :D

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday and have fun with Jollibee!! :)

Patrick had so much fun as you can see. Mano is such a great photobomber too hahahha

After the party, we all trooped to the P4 house for more partying :)  Because there was so much extra food, we even got to take home some Chickenjoy :)  Thanks Bito and Mano!! Happy birthday Luna and Tala!!

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