Pio's 1st Birthday at Ristorante Bigoli

June 01, 2013

It's always a pleasure and a privilege to be invited to someone's birthday celebration.  This time, we were all invited to Pio's first birthday celebration at Ristorante Bigoli.  Pio is the son of my cousin Cathy and her husband Ian.

At first, we weren't sure where Ristorante Bigoli was until we reached Eastwood and we realized it used to be called Fazoli's.  I remembered we ate here before and we really loved their food especially the bread sticks.  Suffice to say, we were already drooling even before we set foot through the door hahaha

Dylan at 4 years old eating at Fazoli's
It was good to be with family and the kids had a great time as you can see.  The master of entertainment was indeed a Master since he was able to keep the kids' attention throughout his performance.  The kids participated in the games and other activities and even won some prizes :)  

Happy birthday to Pio and thanks to Cathy and Ian for a fun birthday celebration! :)

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