Trip to UST Museum

June 28, 2013

The trip to the UST Museum was initiated from a simple FB post made by my High School friend Maita who wrote about playing Chinese Garter in the College of Science.  Since I was from the College of Science, I immediately thought of the egg sandwiches that I used to have for lunch and snacks there.  I asked Maita if they still had them and they did!! That prompted me to meet up with her and combine a trip to the UST Museum since that's where she works. 

Just for fun, here is the FB post where we were discussing the food at the UST Varsity Canteen :)  The truth was, we've been planning to meet up for so long but we never quite managed to make the schedules work.  But in this instance, fate was with us and we were finally given the chance to see each other!

By the time that Dylan and I arrived, it was already snack time so we trooped first to the 4th Floor of the Main Building and had our snacks there.  Naturally, I had egg sandwiches and they were still the best.  Sure brought back memories!! Dylan loved them too and it was an eye-opening experience for him to be eating at the top of a building hahahaha

After our merienda, we went back down to the UST Museum and Dylan and I were given a guided tour by Maita.  There was a new wing to the UST Museum called the Hall of Philippine Religious Images that wasn't there when I was a student (okay so it was a long time since I've been back).  This consisted of religious artifacts brought by our Spanish colonizers and some which were locally-made in celebration of the Catholic faith.  
From the UST Museum website
Dylan was especially fascinated by the Natural History collection.  Who wouldn't?  Even I was particularly interested in these specimens of Philippine fauna.

We were also fortunate that at the time we were there, students from the Conservatory of Music were holding their recital and we were treated to really good classical, symphonic music.  The acoustics in the Museum were exceptional.  

Maita, Dylan and I
If you want to visit the UST Museum, they're open from Tuesday to Saturday, 830AM to 430PM but are closed during Public and University holidays. Thomasians may enter free of charge upon presentation of UST I. D. or Alumni Card. Non-Thomasian Professionals will be charged PHP50.00 each while Non-Thomasian Students will be charged PHP30.00.  

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