Feature article on Smart Parenting magazine is OUT!

May 23, 2013

After the much-awaited arrival of the magazine (for me, at least)  I was able to get my hands on the April Issue of the Smart Parenting magazine that we were featured in.  It was puzzling why I wasn't given a complimentary copy though I'm not sure if the other moms had gotten one either but anyway, as soon as the issue became available, bought a few copies to spread around hahaha Sheesh! it's not everyday we get featured in a magazine so .....

Naturally, I immediately scanned our page!!  What do you think? :D Reading from the acknowledgements on the page, the Photo was shot by Dakila Angeles and the make-up and hairstyling was done by Pipo Santos.  But honestly, there was nothing to change with the hair LOL Prior to the shoot, the team at Smart Parenting asked me about the kids' sizes.  The dress on Dana and the button-down shirt on Dylan came from Elle Kids boutique at Glorietta.  They only wore it at the shoot hehehe Oh and the shoes I was wearing belonged to Maika B. who was the sittings editor.  I had slip-ons and she suggested that closed-shoes looked better hahahaha I agree! :)

The thing to remember here is that we had fun.  It was an extraordinary experience for me and the kids.  Dana even brought a copy of the magazine and showed it to her teachers and classmates in school.  I guess this one was for the Bucket List hahahaha

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