Celebrating Sharon's birthday

In our family, we hardly celebrate birthdays but we never forget to greet our family members on the day itself.  I guess it comes from having limited funds most of the time so the funds get earmarked for something else.  But sometimes, it happens when there's a windfall and we do get a chance to go out and have lunch somewhere.

Such is the case when my sister Sharon had her birthday this year.  When I greeted her on Facebook, I jokingly asked her if we can eat at Dampa along Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay.  It was a place we've always wanted to go to but never found the opportunity to do so.  Now, Sharon gives me a call and tells me that we were indeed going ahead with the plan.  Imagine my joy! hahaha Now, for those who aren't aware what Dampa is, it's actually a wet market where you can buy fresh seafoods at really low prices.  After you buy them, there are restaurants just a few steps away where you can go to and have them cook your food for you in whatever way you want.  For instance, if you buy prawns and go to the resto, you can have them cook part of it for sinigang and another part for chili garlic prawns.  There's a cooking charge for every dish that you have them cook.

We were running a little late because Bourne Legacy was shooting and they closed down some roads which led to all traffic right in front of our place.   As you can see, A.H. Lacson literally looked like a parking lot  for cargo trailers and trucks.  Normally, you wouldn't see trucks on the service road.  They usually took the flyover.  This is how bad it got.

It took us so long to even get out of the garage because the trucks wouldn't give way.  After a harrowing exit from the garage gate, we were finally on our way.

Sharon and the family were ahead of us at the resto so they were already able to buy from the market and have it cooked while waiting for us.  We stayed at the Sharmila restaurant.  They ordered chili garlic prawns, adobong pusit, crabs, sweet and sour lapu-lapu, baked clams and lots of rice and Coke :)  Can you say I'm in heaven hahaha

Even with all the food in front of me, I only actually ate the prawns and had a little taste of the steamed lapu-lapu :) I really love prawns so I literally feasted on them hahahaha

Dana loved the adobong pusit and Patrick loved the mussels :)  Den also ate a lot of the prawns hahaha

Like mother, like daughter :)

Loanzon kids

Jowell and Sharon

Mother and daughter

Sisters and cousins

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