Bulalohan at N. Ramirez

It's always a pleasure when members of the family simply drop by the house for now particular reason.  It was that way today when Sharon, Jowell and Sofia came to the house just to check up on Den and how she was doing with her pregnancy.  Their short visit ultimately led to us waiting for Dana to finish with school so we can fetch her and proceed directly to the Bulalohan sa N. Ramirez.  We were all excited because it's always nice to discover new places to eat and this time we're eating for free hahahaha

As I write this, I googled a bit about the resto.  It's actually located at 55 N. Ramirez Street, Galas, Quezon City.  If I remember correctly, it's very near UDMC if you're coming from Espana.  I didn't really have any expectations about the food and it was Jowell who took care of the ordering.  We ordered the special bulalo (loved the soup!), chicken barbeque for the kiddies, laing (very spicy), and kalderetang baka.  I wasn't able to take too many pictures because handling the kids took much of my time hahaha Here they are having their pictures taken near the aquarium with an alligator fish (or something like that).  They were actually more interested in the aquarium than with the food hahahha

After downing extra servings of rice and our tummies full to perfection, we headed to the hospital for Den's check-up.  :)

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