Dropping by R & J Bulalohan, Tapsilogan atbp

One of the nicest things about having a car is that you can just take off at the drop of a hat.  Well, that's exactly what happened today.  After an exhilarating time eating at Dampa with Sharon and her family, Patrick and I decided to go out and have dinner at R & J Bulalohan in Mandaluyong after seeing its reviews on TV.

But first, we had to drop by Ford Club Philippines' 10th Anniversary at the Fort in Taguig, Metro Manila.  Naturally, it was a photo opportunity waiting to happen :)  After Patrick was done with his work and the kids had ample time to go around and check the cars out, we all went to R&J Bulalohan in Mandaluyong.

For some time, Patrick had heard of R & J Bulalohan from his friends at work and we recently saw it featured in a foodie TV show which really piqued our curiosity.  So, since there was an opportunity, we grabbed it.    R & J Bulalohan is located along Bonifacio Avenue, just around the City Hall roundabout, in Mandaluyong.  It's famous for its Bulalo (of course!) and people from everywhere really make it a point to drop by and enjoy the food here.  Parking may be a problem though as they don't have a huge parking lot.  Here's a map to guide you.

We ordered Bulalo Regular (special is the one with brains and we didn't really fancy that haha).  We also ordered lumpiang shanghai for the kids, some fried tofu and lots of rice.  The bulalo comes with unlimited refills of soup so that's a good thing.  They said that the bulalo we ordered was good for 2-3 people, but I think it can only fill one really hungry person.  The meat wasn't really filling because the bone was bigger hehehe but the soup was really excellent.  Add 4 bottles of soda and our bill was only under P500! :D

The place is nowhere near fine dining.  It is open-air and you share your environment with people drinking beer and singing videoke.  If you're not too fond of smoking, you need to find seats far from the crowd.  The service is fast though and the crew is pleasant enough.  The bathroom leaves a lot to be desired but if you're desperate, no questions asked, right? ;)

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