Meet-up with Friends in Clark

July 24, 2010

Funny how Facebook can really bring people together.  I have been using Facebook (with all its simple applications) before it was even popular.  Most of the people I know used Friendster but for some reason, I steered clear of it.  Now, since there is a staggering number of people connected to one another on Facebook it surprised me that it took a long time for me to connect with my former officemates.  It's funny too that I got connected with them primarily through my favorite ManiPedi salon, Hotnails Spa LOL

(L-R):Dana, Me, Dylan, Jeff, Lily, Martin and Mang Rudy
 (Patrick was taking the picture)
Anyway, to cut a long story short, I got caught up with my former officemates - Martin, Jerry, John, Lily (she's one of my first friends on FB too) and a few others.  Martin then extended an invitation to treat us at one of his favorite restaurants in Clark, Angeles, Pampanga, C' Italian Dining.  Patrick already had the privilege of eating here during the coverage of one of his events and he swore that it's the best Italian food he's ever had :) So, naturally I also wanted to try it out.  Of course, Martin always posted pictures of the dishes he orders whenever he eats there so that always sets my mouth watering hahaha It was good timing though that Lily was also headed for some R and R time with her family and so we also decided to spend the weekend in Clark.

While in Clark, we couldn't pass up the opportunity of trying another of it's famous restaurants, Zapata's.  We're fans of Mexican food so we were all excited to try it out, although Dylan conked out from sheer trip exhaustion while we were there.  Here's a sampling of our orders:

Tacos and Iced Tea
Combo Platter for Patrick - Tacos, chili, bean soup

Bean soup
The Top Favorite: Quesadillas
It was weird though that from the outside you probably would think twice about going into the restaurant.  For one, it was like totally closed-off when you're coming in from the street.  But once you overcome your initial fear or doubt, and you step into the foyer, you'll be welcomed by the yellow and quaint interiors, the pleasant staff and the over-all charm of the place.

I know that a restaurant has made its mark on us when the kids request us to return :) Can't wait to go back :)

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