Some July Highlights

It's tempting to simply create a blog post about every little thing that happens to you and simply upload it on the Net.  I try not to do that because for some reason, I'm reminded of that scene in Percy Jackson:  The Lightning Thief movie where they're floating on the River Styx on the way to Hades and there around them are floating debris that represent people's discarded desires, hopes and dreams.  I don't want to litter the net with seemingly insignificant trivia about my life which some of you may not even particularly care about hahahaha

So here's a condensed version of what to me are significant moments in July :)1) My best friend, Kat, called!! It's been such a long time since we chatted on the phone and this time, I think we broke our own record.  We were on the phone for almost 7 hours!!!!!!! 7 hours!!!!! If that's not a cause to celebrate I don't know what is! hahahahaha

2) Stanley gets a huge gash resulting from a negligent car wash handler.  

It goes without saying that Patrick is meticulous when dealing with anything for Stanley.  He really loves the car and so do we.  As part of Stanley's regimen, Patrick takes him to 2onetwo Autocare just beside Charlie's Grind and Grill (and Charlie's is a whole separate post!) in Kapitolyo, Pasig, usually after work for car washing and waxing.  Imagine his consternation and anger when he discovered a long (longer than the Top Gear Magazine), deep (up to the primer) gash on the left-hand passenger side of the car!! What it looks like is a gash made by the rotary polishing buffer which in inexperienced hands can really wreak havoc! When Patrick spoke with the supervisor and the "attendant", they claimed it was there all along which really drove Patrick mad as any one can imagine.  First, that's the driver's side so how can Patrick possibly miss it every day that he drives the car? To cut a long story short, they never acknowledged their mistake and didn't even offer any restitution.  boo to them!! Also, Patrick also mentioned that the attendant was probably a neophyte since he put the same rotary buffer under his armpit while it was still on, hence shredding his shirt and ending up bruising and scratching himself.  This "mistake" cost us at least P5k to repair, including the cost of the cleaning and waxing "service".  Patrick vowed never to go back and patronize them again... 

3) Ate Mel started her baking class in Dana's school.  For about 2 weeks, Ate Mel participated in baking classes in Dana's school for free! It was fun for her and even more so for us because we got to taste whatever she baked in the class.. but you know after a while, you kinda don't want to see another baked goodie ever LOL

4) Stanley is officially mine - Patrick and I finalized the registration for Stanley after months of delay hahaha I am now the official owner of Stanley wohoo!

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