Dana's 5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday to our cute and lovely daughter Dana!! hahaha

I knew Dana was very excited about her birthday, though we didn't really promise her anything. She just knew that she was going to have a cake (hehe because she was the one who picked it out!) and some ice cream and that I was going to cook some pasta :)

She wanted to play in the playroom in Megamall too but we told her that that will have to wait until we can go with Tita Flor so she can also share in the celebration. Dana was fine with that.

So, on the morning of her birthday, I heard her coming down the stairs, I immediately waited for her at the bottom and started singing "Happy Birthday" to her while doing a silly dance ! LOL she was laughing so much she had to sit on the step hahahaha

Then, Dylan gave her a hug and a kiss and even managed to say "Birthday" in his own special way ;) We then went to Goldilocks to pick up her Wall-e cake and Ate Den met us there. We had some snacks too.

As soon as we arrived, we ate pasta, sang Happy Birthday again and just had fun being together.

We also took her Lightning bike to the vulcanizing shop to have it fixed and they didn't charge us anything! LOL we just gave the mechanic some pasta too hahahaa

Next, the kids played in the garage since there were no cars so they had the place to themselves. They also played with their bubbles and basically just tired themselves out :)

In the evening, when Patrick arrived, he brought the gifts for the two kids. A remote control car for Dana and a big car for Dylan. You can't give one and not give the other hehehe They were so excited about their new toys.. so were Ate Den and I hahahaha

Because of all the energy they didn't settle down until midnight LOL

Oh and Congratulations to Patrick because he got his driver's license today !

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