Tita Flor arrives in Manila

March 5, 2009 - Tita Flor arrived in Manila together with her son, Ferdinand and his wife Barbara. Patrick was supposed to meet them at the airport but their flight was early and he ended up going to Barbara's relatives' residence in Green Meadows.

Patrick then called me up to ask if I wanted to tag along with the kids and just meet them at the Loyola Memorial Park where they're going to process papers for Patrick's dad's burial. Well, we did follow them hahaha I wanted the kids to meet their Lola Flor and I personally wanted to meet Ferdie and Barb :)

While at Loyola, Lola Flor gave the kids their birthday cards! Dana was so happy with her card because it contained a cut-out for a Princess crown! hahaha Dylan was also happy with his because it's got a dog on the front LOL It was a surprise when the kids opened their cards, some money fell off.. we weren't expecting that but it was nice :)

After Loyola, we all went to DFA because Barb needed to have her passport renewed. While waiting, we ate at a nearby Jollibee. Barb took 2 very short hours to process her papers and that was really fast by Philippines' standards hahahaha

They took us home after because Tita Flor brought hotdogs and chocolates and they were melting from the heat LOL They also needed to get home to get some rest from jetlag..

It was a good day. :)

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