Homeworld Sale at the SM Megamall

What's a great excuse to get out of the house?? a SALE that's what!! hahaha and that's why we went to SM Megamall today to see what's in store for us at their Homeworld Sale!

We first had lunch at Sbarro - love their pasta!! and so do the kids..

Then we went around the mall first because we were waiting for Den who was coming from school. We finally went up to the 5th floor where the Megatrade Hall was. We were just going to meet Den there.

Man, it was like a box office movie was going on with all those people and their carts overflowing with comforters, plastic containers and even cookware!! It was like a feeding frenzy LOL

You can instantly sense the excitement and the "panic" at having all those goods on 50% off! hahaha We weren't really looking for anything in particular but there were a lot of good deals, especially if you're looking for mattresses and cabinets etc.

At a corner booth, we spied a rubber/plastic picnic table with 2 benches that was on sale for P3199. Patrick and I locked eyes and we immediately knew that was going to be our new dining table. hahahaha.. of course, some of you will probably say that's a design no-no to put a picnic table in the house.. but we don't really care.. It works for us because it's easy to clean, it's portable, it's space saving and it's easy to clean (I have to emphasize that!) haha

So here are some pictures of the New Table hahaha

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