Day 8 - 6th Day in Calayan Island

April 29, 2008 - Tuesday

Today we went to Sil's mango orchard :) It's still quite young but at least he can look to a profitable business when it matures :) The kids had fun playing with the "makahiya" plant (it's a kind of grass that when touched, it folds it leaves, hence the term makahiya which means "shy"). They also tried to climb trees and hang from them which was really fun to watch hahahaha We also took pictures next to pigs from the adjoining farm hahahaha

After that, we went to Sagpat to visit our Lolo's siblings. It also gave us a chance to look at my father's property hahahaha Tito Ambil planted corn on it, hence they called us "Children of the Corn" hahahaha

Next, we had lunch near the beach on Tita Cora's property. We sat on coconut leaves, ate fish, meat and green mangoes woohoo!! the life!! the life!! Although someone mentioned that the way we were was reminiscent of Survivor - so Survivor Calayan hahahaha

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