Day 7 - 5th Day in Calayan Island

April 28, 2008 - Monday

This is a great day!! We're off to Sibang Beach Cove!! Everyone was up and about even the kids! LOL Look at how excited we all were!! hahaha After all the sunblock has been applied (hehehe) we were off!!!

On the way, I found out that we were also supposed to go to Malangsi Beach. So the boys got dropped off first at Sibang cove because the boat can't make the trip when it's too full. After a half hour, we finally reached Malangsi but weren't able to dock on the beach because the waves were very strong for the boat. Dana felt a little seasick already. We were able to take a few pictures from the boat though. So we had to turn back.

By the time we reached Sibang cove, some of us were getting a little seasick as well. So it was a relief when the beach appeared on the horizon. Diane couldn't wait for the boat to dock on the beach so she just jumped off the boat and swam to shore hahahha I, on the other hand, still felt very dizzy ended up falling in the water and losing my sunglasses in the process hahahaha I fell on my knees on the sand and then a huge wave crashed on my back dunking me totally in the water LOL I ended up skinning my knees and losing my orientation. If not for Mar's husband, Allan, I wouldn't have been able to get up LOL

After reaching our picnic spot, everyone got ready to swim :) But the waves were strong and Dana got scared because one crashed onto us while we were trying to get in the water. So we just ended up staying on the sand and letting the occasional wave drench us :)

And then there was LUNCH!! woohooo

Naturally, after having such a satisfying meal, we all went to sleep... Next on the agenda was a hike to the lighthouse. But when I realized just how much walking was involved, we backed out LOL We couldn't afford to hike with two kids in tow, especially since there really was no trail to speak of and it involved climbing the mountain LOL The other younger set still went on the hike though and I heard that they enjoyed themselves thoroughly :)

So we ended up going back to the house earlier than the rest of the party. I was so thankful that the trip back was faster hahahaha It was also a good thing too because when we got back, they were preparing for a huge dinner for the rest of the Paypons who lived far away, sort of like a reunion. We helped with that and organized some parlor games for the kids so that they'll get prizes and make the evening more entertaining. I feasted on sashimi when the evening was over hahahaha

That was such a satisfying, enjoyable and memorable day!!

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