Day 9 - 7th Day in Calayan

April 30, 2008 - Wednesday

By this time, we should have been leaving the island but because the waves have been reportedly strong, no boat wanted to transport us. We were scheduled to leave the next day.

So, we spent the day packing our stuff, although we did go for a last dip in the beach in the morning hehehe The kids were just lounging about and playing with their sea shells :)

It was also Lola's death anniversary so we attended mass for her in the evening.

We also bought lobsters to take back home to Manila :) yummy!! and it was so cheap at P250/kilo hahahaha


  1. Hi Rachel!

    I saw your blogs about Calayan... :) it gave me a warm feeling and made me missed the island. :(

    That place is really amazing! It's raw beauty and friendly people. :)

    I've only been there once (Apr 2007) and it was really a memorable experience... from the 12hrs bus ride to 6-8 boat ride... haha! tiring but truly worth it. Sibang cove, light house, dolphins... can't wait to come back. :)

    I haven't had the chance to blog about it though... :(

    maybe next time.. :)


  2. Hi Mian,

    It's refreshing to hear about other people being able to reach our hometown. That was the 2nd time I've been there and my father was born there hahaha

    I'm glad you found it as pretty as we did! :)

    Thanks for your note ! :)



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