Day 6 - 4th Day in Calayan Island

April 27, 2008 - Sunday

By this time, we've lost all sense of time and day by being on the island. Time moves fairly fast and we couldn't believe it was Sunday already.

SBA activities involved championship games which kept most of the family preoccupied.

Otherwise, the rest of us were just waiting for night to arrive so we can view the fireworks display at the beach :) This was supposed to happen after the awarding ceremonies for the SBA Homecoming. As you can see from the picture, the lolas are dressed to the hilt (some even teased them about going to the Prom hahahaha)

Unfortunately, the kids got so bored waiting for the ceremonies to start so we had to go back home. It was a good thing too because they lit the fireworks at 11pm, much too late for the kids.. but relatively early for the adults :) Here's a picture of Dana with her Ate Angie and Ate Diane :)

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  1. Found your blog while clicking on "next blog". It is a fascinating look at life in the Philippines. My wife is from Davao but I have never been there. Thanks for sharing this blog.


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