Day 3 - First Day in Calayan Island

Good morning.. It's our first morning on Calayan Island and it's already such a refreshing feeling to wake up to birds twittering in the trees.. to hear the sound of the waves on the beach.. to breathe that fresh air... Oh and not to mention, waking up to brewing coffee LOL

After breakfast, we went to the cemetery to pay our respects to our Lolo and Lola, my father's parents. For me, this is the first time I'll be visiting them since they passed away.

I relished the walk because it allowed me to explore the area.. I saw an interesting store - a hardware, grocery and bakery in one LOL that was a first.. They told me it was one of the biggest stores in Calayan and that if you need anything at all, this is where to get it :)

On the way back, we took a break for a picture near a bridge :)

The rest of the day was spent just relaxing at the house, having lunch and resting again hahahahah the idyllic life LOL

In the afternoon we all went to the beach for a swim (just so we don't get too burned from the sun) The kids were so excited and Dylan even fell asleep in the water!! hahahahaha

Then it was back to the house for our baths and dinner :) What a life! hahahha

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