Day 4 - 2nd Day in Calayan Island

April 25 - 2nd Day in Calayan Island

It turns out that part of the reason why the Paypons took a trip to Calayan Island was because of the Grand Alumni Homecoming of St. Bartholomew's Academy from which majority of them graduated High School from. So, for them, the day was spent with preparations and participation in the day's scheduled events.

Meanwhile, we just spent the day getting acquainted with the other scenic spots on the Island. This picture was taken at the "dock".

After dinner, we all went to the gym to participate in the Bingo Social hosted by St. Bart's - it was open to the public :) Dylan and I didn't finish the bingo because he fell asleep but Patrick and Dana waited until the end, hoping to win the Grand Prize - a 21" TV Set ! LOL

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