Day 2 - Boat trip to Calayan Island

Okay, so now we're in Aparri, Cagayan and getting ready to get on the boat for Calayan Island. Now, I just have to tell you that the last time I went to Calayan was when I was about 8 years old so my idea of boats may be different from what is there now. I remember the boat that we were in before was relatively small and may accommodate about 15 passengers, including the baggage.. looks like the boat we're riding this time is a bit bigger because we're such a big group and there are a lot of baggages to boot :)

We were only able to leave Aparri by 9:30am because of the packing and the checking and the inspection by the Coast Guard. At first, the trip was going smoothly until we reached the midway point where we encountered overcast skies and huge waves. Everyone started getting sick and we all just wanted the boat ride to be over.. Imagine opening your eyes and you still can't see any land in sight.

Do you know what time we reached Calayan Island? 7pm that evening. The propeller even broke and it took a better part of an hour to fix. It was already very dark.. we were all cold (from getting wet from the sea spray), we were all stinky from throwing up and we were all tired from being cramped on the boat.

I later learned that the boat that we were in really drove slow.. slowly but surely is their motto hahahahaha

The kids and I were the first to get off the boat, because we were all cold and I feared that if I didn't change the kids' clothes they might get sick. So, we were the first to reach the house and I thank my cousins who lent my kids some clothes because our bags weren't unloaded yet. We all took turns in the bathrooms (lucky for us there were 3) and after everyone was a bit refreshed, we all had dinner together.

After that, we all crashed in bed LOL

This big boat in the picture is the one we rode to get to Calayan. I wish we could've ridden this small speedboat, I'm sure we would have arrived faster ! LOL

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