Day 1 - On the Way to Calayan Island

So, it's now April 22nd and we're supposed to be at the Florida bus terminal in Sampaloc by 2:30. It is more practical this way instead of going to Park Road in Tandang Sora to meet the bus there.

Unfortunately, there were 3 Florida bus garages and we went to the wrong one hahahaha And add to that, it began to rain heavily which made it even harder to move from one terminal to another, considering that they're all within walking distance.

When the rain let up, we took a cab to get to the other terminals, while keeping an eye out for Sil and Bong who were supposed to meet the bus as well. It was good luck that the taxi driver that we got was so patient and a little familiar with the area. In no time at all, we're in the bus and on our way to Park Road to pick up the rest of the family woohoo!!

After getting all the baggages in the bus (it took a while because there were so many), we were finally on the way! A Rambo DVD was played so keep the passengers entertained, and we made 2-3 stops along the way, first for dinner and then for gas I think (and then for some, the much-needed toilet break! hahaha)During the first stop, I made my way to the rest room but to my horror there were so many lizards on the ceiling.. but desperate situations need desperate measures so I just closed my eyes and did what I had to do LOL and ran away from there as fast as I could LOL I told myself, next time, I'll use the restroom on the bus LOL

Since the trip was going to take a little more than 12 hours, another DVD, this time Van Helsing, was played. It was a very interesting movie but I couldn't concentrate because I was also getting the kids to sleep :)

Anyway, we arrived in Aparri, Cagayan by 6am the next morning.

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