Paypon Family Gathering

April 21, 2008, 6pm - A family dinner was scheduled for all the Paypons in Manila. It was a chance to get to know each other, catch up with the news and break the ice before the trip to Calayan the next day.

We met Tere, her husband, and their 2 kids :) Tita Ofel, Tita Lette and Tita Cora were also there, a little rested from their flight from the US. Mar, Allan and Alyssa also arrived but Alyssa was asleep :) Pete, Sil, Fr. Rey and Francis were also present.. Tito Ambil and his kids were also there as well as Tito Jimmy.. They were supposed to be the advanced party :)

Noticeably, my Dad didn't come and so with my sister Sharon and her family.

Anyway, it was like a taste of things to come :) the food was lobsters galore!! hehehe at least that's what I fixated on hahahaha

It was so much fun to be with family... I guess I needed that...

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  1. Hi I'm a Paypon from Bacolod City and there are at least 2 branches of the family name here. I hope we can know more about our history. =)


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