Dana's 4th Birthday - Day 2

Well, it seems that there's a continuation to Dana's birthday celebration! Not finding suitable graduation shoes for Den at the SM Mall of Asia, we decided to go shopping at the Araneta Center in Cubao the day after. It's a good place to a shop since there are a number of malls - SM, Ali Mall, the new Gateway Mall, Farmer's Plaza and a department store-cum-supermarket combo called Shopwise.

Looks like not too many shoe manufacturers produce white shoes for graduation nowadays. We've been through so many stores, we've lost count before settling with one pair that at least looks comfortable (graduation ceremonies take a long time), priced right and looks good on her :)

After that, we went to a store called the Toy Palace, that's a little out of the way but carries great toys at reasonable prices. The kids' godmother, my old friend Dette, sent some money for the kids. We were able to buy a musical piano, a Mr. Potato Head and a Darth Tater version of Mr. Potato Head :) The kids are into Star Wars, if you want to know :0

Anyway, having expended all that energy, we ended up eating at Charly Brown (we haven't tried it yet) They have great fries and their ramen tastes good!

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