Dana's 4th Birthday - Day 1

What does a girl of 4 usually want for her birthday? Well, our Dana just wants a trip to the zoo and the mall :) We didn't make it to the zoo unfortunately, but we made it to the mall with more time to spare...

We went to SM Mall of Asia, last March 1st to celebrate Dana's 4th Birthday. We (Patrick, Dana, Dylan and Ate Den) ate a hearty lunch at the Mongolian Barbecue restaurant. It was an eat-all-you can feast which we really took advantage of :) Then, we spent the rest of the day looking for bathing suits ! It's summer so what the heck.. Our aunts from the States will be vacationing here in April and there's a definite trip to the beach in the works woohoo!! Dana had so much fun trying on different styles - a real trooper!! Since Ate Den's graduation was scheduled on March 28, we also decided to look for graduation shoes for her.. unfortunately, we were all too tired to really go around.. so we re-set that for another trip...

We had some digital pictures printed out, Dana was going around in her own car, while Dylan was in his stroller.. Dana and Daddy Patrick spent some quality time together playing in the arcades. Apparently, if it's your birth month you get a ton of credits to spend :) So that was also a great treat!

Dinner was spent at Don Henrico's where we had a huge plateful of pasta to share and pizza and bottomless drinks.. You can sort of deduce we love food! hahaha

We got home around 10pm and the kids still had too much energy! Their poor Ate Den was complaining of tired feet and promptly feel asleep when we got home

All in all it was a great day!

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