A Day in the Life - Favorites: Toyota 86, Lego and Charlie's Burgers

01 April 2017

When you have a car as awesome as the Toyota 86 delivered to your home (in our case, as a test drive vehicle) what will you do?  Well, of course! Take it for a spin!  I remember the last time we had a Toyota 86 for a week, Patrick really did take it for a spin - drifting it at a parking lot no less!  But, we're not doing that again. Instead, we just went for our favorites - Lego and great burgers at Charlie's Grind and Grill (Pasig).

It was already around 5PM when Patrick told us to get dressed because we were going out.  Not one to question any decision that leads to leaving the house, we were dressed in a blink of an eye.  It turned out, he just couldn't wait to drive the new Toyota 86 :)  At this point, there shouldn't be a lot of cars on the road and he can drive it with ease :)

Though it's a 2-door sports car, the kids were comfortable in the back.  The seats were spacious and there was more than enough leg room for adults too.  Patrick, of course, really liked the handling, especially with overtaking slow vehicles.  At first, I became a little dizzy because I felt like being bounced around and Patrick explained that the Toyota 86 felt sportier to him too.  But later on, I must have gotten adjusted to it because it felt okay when driving home.  

Our first stop for the evening was the Lego Store at the Ayala Malls the 30th.  Ever since we went here for a get-together last February, the kids have always wanted to come back and build their own Lego figures again.  It's actually a great marketing strategy:  Build your 3 of own Lego figures for P499.  

There's a huge Lego block filled with different Lego parts - heads, bodies, legs, accessories and hairpieces.  You can mix and match your own Lego figures from what's available.  It's great for kids and adults too :)  You may need to be a little patient while building since there's no work or sitting area and you may have to wait your turn to choose your piece especially when there's a lot of people building simultaneously.  But, at that time, we had the area to ourselves so there was no hurry.

Since it was my first time here, I also tried making my own but only ended up helping the kids look for their pieces to help them build faster :)  It's quite frustrating to look for pairings especially since these are small figures :)  but quite satisfying too once you're done building :)

Anyway, once they were able to make one each, we were done and we just went around the mall to pass the time.  When everyone declared they were ready to have dinner, we all decided to go back to Charlie's Grind and Grill since we were near the area.

Once we got there, we were surprised to see that the inner dining area was closed.  When we asked them why, we were told that a fire had erupted just last Thursday!  Wow! We were there last March!  That's why we were seated at their alfresco area.  No matter, we love Charlie's so we weren't deterred, even though the bathrooms were inaccessible too :)


After a hefty dinner or burgers, fries, and spicy buffalo wings (for Patrick) we headed home.  The Toyota 86 is an awesome car that I wish I knew how to drive so I can drive it too :)

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