2017 MIAS: 13th Annual Manila International Auto Show

02 April 2017

We've always gone to the annual Manila International Auto Shows.  This time, it's a bit special because it's Patrick's first MIAS event that he's covering under the Carmudi group.  Though the event itself goes on for four days (March 30 - April 02) at the World Trade Center, we only came with him on the last day.  But still, we all were excited at seeing all these brand new cars! :)

We knew that the 2017 MIAS was already a resounding success simply because of the number of cars lined up at the entrance to the parking lot across the World Trade Center.  We were there around 11AM (one hour after the MIAS opened) and yet, the parking lot was almost full and the line to it was already reaching Roxas Boulevard.  I wish Filipino drivers respected falling in line more.  It isn't nice or fair for the rest of us who had to line up and wait patiently while someone else just cuts in line ahead.  I think that when someone tries to cut in line, drivers who had waited patiently shouldn't let them.  Let it serve as a hindrance, as a lesson so these people do not do it again.  It's incredibly unfair.

But I digress.  We paid our tickets (P100/person) and entered the venue.  It's amazing how all these cars, SUV's, trucks, RV's and more are all in one place!  It's hard to know where to start walking :)

The kids were the ones dictating the cars that they wanted to have pictures with.  Of course, they had to start with the Jeep Wrangler because they had a blast riding it when Patrick test drove it.

The Mercedes Benz AMG -GT caught Dylan's eye, not just because it was yellow but he mistook it for BumbleBee (from the Transformers) hehe We had to correct him, of course ;)

Next, he wanted a picture with Herbie, a.k.a. Volkswagen's Beetle!

Dana, on the other hand, went for the Mazda MX-5RF! Good choice! :)

The Mazda CX-5 has a special place in our hearts because it was this model that took us on our first Baguio trip together last year.  I don't know how else Mazda can make this any more perfect than it is because that's what it is, perfect! :)

Dana was enthralled at the DJ music station.  I guess she would be as this is the first time she's seen one in action haha

Dylan, a boy after my own heart, went for this Toyota Land Cruiser.

This Dodge Challenger was also a favorite because it's akin to the Dodge Charger which Dylan knows is what Det. Hank Griffin drives in Grimm (the TV Series).

The Volvo display booth was cute so they took a picture with it.  Too bad we couldn't take a picture with the whole "VOLVO" name :)

Of course, one of our favorites as well - the Honda Civic RS, which Patrick was also able to test drive recently.

The 2017 MIAS was also the venue for the preview of the new Honda Civic Type R, which is a High Performance version of the Civic RS.  There were a lot of people in this area it was a wonder we got pictures without them in it haha

What's different about MIAS this year is that there are more exhibition areas available to the public - five indoor and two outdoor areas.  Indoor areas include the Main Hall and indoor tents for aftersales booths and an extension at the Philippine Trade Training Center.  When we were walking along these areas, I felt kind of lost and confused because it was all a maze to me.  But there were signs and maps and MIAS staff and Information counters so you can get sorted immediately.  

One area had these service vehicles - ambulances, medical service vehicles and these huge fire trucks.  

There were also display cases filled with toy car collections.

The carmudi.com.ph booth was here as well and we couldn't resist taking a picture for posterity.

There was also a dining lounge with a variety of food booths.  We saw McDonald's, Sbarro and a host of other easy-to-eat choices.  There was ample table and chairs for complicated dishes and some tall tables for those who can eat without having to sit down.  

Another section was filled with these beautifully restored, antique cars.  This was like John Wick's car (you can tell we're movie obsessed) and the one below it was a replica of the Toyota A86 which was from the Initial D anime.  It just so happened that we had recently watched that :)

At the PTTC venue, there were Tamiya enthusiasts and some booths with Toys for sale. Naturally, most of the products were toy cars, Legos and other collectibles.

We actually got Dylan a Hot Wheels Ghostbusters set for only P950!  We had long wanted to buy him this but were constrained because it normally retailed at P1600++.  So, we were ecstatic at this find. :)

This was the last stop of our MIAS Adventure.  We were all so tired because that was a lot of ground to cover.  

Thanks MIAS for another great event! :) Looking forward to more next year! :)

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