The simple joys of Dylan's birthday

18 March 2017

Dylan's birthday came bright and early.  We all had a hand in choosing the activities for Dylan's birthday and everyone was just itching to get on with the plans.  It was rather hard to narrow down the choices because, after all, we just wanted Dylan to have what he wants but due to time and financial constraints, naturally we had to compromise.  The following post tells of what we ended up with.

Well, first, it's a treat that we got to go around town in the new Honda Civic RS Turbo which Patrick has to test drive for the week.  It was quite roomy in the inside, quite unexpected for a compact sedan.  Personally, I don't understand why it's "compact" considering it's as big as our station wagon hehe

I loved that my side (the passenger side) also had controls to the door locks - handy for ensuring that the kids' doors were locked.  Stanley, our Subaru Legacy station wagon, automatically locked the car doors upon engine start so I don't normally worry about them. But, since most cars I've ridden in usually had controls to the doors (and windows) on the driver's side, having control over the door locks on the passenger side was quite the refreshing addition.  It meant that I can do the checking myself and not have to rely on the driver (Patrick, in our case) for locking the car doors.    

Anyway, back to the trip.  We originally planned on having lunch at Charlie's Grind and Grill at the Ronac Art Center along Ortigas Avenue.  But, much to our surprise, the place was closed and from the looks of it, permanently!  So, we headed to our next best favorite dining place in the area - JT's Manukan Grille along Granada Street, QC.  I just realized that we went from San Juan, Metro Manila to Quezon City even though these restaurants lie on basically the same street hahaha

After a satisfying feast of Inasal Chicken, Garlic Rice and broth, we headed to Gateway Mall in Cubao to claim our tickets for our movie.  When I say claim, I meant that we used Gateway Mall's Cineplex 10 online reservation service to reserve our tickets.  It's actually pretty easy and saves you the time of lining up at the actual Ticket Counter at the Theater.  We just picked the movie, the cinema and the schedule and they notified us via email about our booking number and reserved seats.  We had to claim the tickets 2 hours before the scheduled time of the movie.  So, when we got to the Cineplex Ticket Counter, we just went straight to the specified ticket counter (there was hardly any line here) and claimed our tickets and that's when we also paid for them.  Oh and if you didn't like the seats they reserved, you have the option of choosing them yourself.  I was satisfied with the seats we got because they were at the prime spots in the theater.  I really recommend trying it.
Since we had plenty of time before our movie, we just walked around the mall and ended up going to Rustan's where they had a Lego play area.  Of course, the kids were in heaven!

When it was close to our movie screening, we headed to Cinema 8 to watch Kong:  Skull Island.  At first, I wasn't so interested in watching the movie, but to be honest,  I found it entertaining and fun to watch.  I really like Jordan Vogt-Roberts now :)  Plus, it also referenced Godzilla (and the post-credits don't forget to watch them) and his connection to the Monster Universe :)

We went grocery shopping at Shopwise afterwards and what great timing! Shopwise was having their "Shopwise Summer Blast Promo".  We availed of their "Ladies Jeans for P199" and "Mens's Shorts for P149" promos.  Sadly, I wasn't able to take pictures because we were too busy rummaging through many bargains and then trying on different stuff :)  There were plenty of "Buy 1 Get 1" types of deals which are really good on savings.  The promos are ongoing until March 30, 2017.

Our day has been hectic and we were done with grocery shopping around 930PM.  Since it was late, some of the restaurants have closed so we decided on making the trip to Charlie's Grind and Grill in Pasig because we really craved it and we were supposed to dine there anyway :)  As usual, it was hard to park since, now, there were so many other restaurants that have opened along the street, much like Maginhawa Street in QC.  That didn't deter us even if we had to walk a bit to get to Charlie's.  I now realized that I didn't take pictures while we were eating haha but I think Patrick too photos too so I have to ask him to add them here :)

We arrived home a bit late and as you can see, Dylan was feeling quite sleepy but still took the time to open his presents :) He said he had a great time :)  That's good :)  That's all we wanted for him :)

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