Celebrating Dana's birthday at Sambokojin!! :)

03 March 2017

Today, we celebrated Dana's birthday after finishing up with Dylan's doctor's check-up.  When asked what she wanted to do for her birthday, there was no hesitation when she responded, "Sambokojin!".  I guess, she enjoyed herself so much the last time we were there she wanted to experience it again.  So, we all went back, together with Den and Edwin!

It also helped that Sambokojin has a Birthday Treat Promo :)

So, Dylan's appointment with his Child Development Psychologist was at 2:30PM.  It only took about 30 minutes so we had plenty of time to travel from Cubao to SM Megamall where we're supposed to meet up with Den and Edwin.

Today was actually the perfect time since it was Dylan's schedule, Dana's actual birthday and Den's and Edwin's day off :) Plus, we could take advantage of Sambokojin's Birthday Treat Promo.  As far as I remember, the birthday celebrant gets a Free Buffet within 3 days before, 3 days after and on the actual birth day, provided he/she is accompanied by one full-paying customer.  A proof of birth should be presented to the dining staff for verification.

We arrived early in SM Megamall so we just went around for a while before making our way to Sambokojin around 5PM.  Den arrived as we were booking our table so we entered the restaurant at the same time.  Edwin arrived a couple of hours later due to some personal business.

As soon as we got ourselves seated, we all immediately went our separate ways to get our favorite treats:  Dana, Dylan and I headed to the Sushi/Sashimi section and Den and Patrick went to the Yakiniku section.

 I really couldn't get enough of the Salmon Sashimi :)  Dylan also tried other sushi samplers :) Their crew was more attentive to the dishes this time around.   I noticed that there were attendants regularly  replacing empty trays with fresh sushi and sashimi.

I didn't take pictures of all that we ate because I think I covered that in my previous post.  But I did try their Korean Fried chicken this time - they had regular, sweet and spicy variants.  I tried one of each.  If you were to try it, you should start with the regular first because I tried that the last and it would seem bland after the sweet and spicy ones :)  But all of them were good, though if I had to choose, I'd stick with the sweet :)

Later in the evening, the attendants performed a collective dance number for the birthday celebrants and handed out these birthday cakes :) Dana took a couple of bites but didn't finish it so we asked for it to be wrapped.  Instead of giving us the same cake, we were given a new one! We were surprised because the first one was chocolate and the new one was a Red Velvet :)  Thank you! :)

Edwin arrived a little later.  By that time, we were slowing down because we've had a good number of dishes consumed hahaha

Also, the kids had consumed a great number of servings of ice cream and cake so they had a sugar rush on.

As you can see from the following photos, we were all having a great time! :)

I was just a little puzzled as to why the attendants kept asking us if the last member of our party (Edwin) was still arriving (remember that when you book a table you have to tell them the number of guests).  I think they asked us four times during the course of the meal.  At first, I thought it had something to do with the birthday treat promo (like maybe there should be 4 paying customers) but we checked and there should only be one full-paying customer required.  Anyway, we didn't find out.  It was just weird :)

This was only a simple celebration but judging from these pictures, we really had a great time :)  It's because we're together as a family and that's all that matters! :)

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